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BBC Frontline Secrets or Lies 2003 and BBC Trust findings 2007.

A Preconceived & Predetermined Agenda, In A Campaign To Discredit Victims Of Abuse.


Secrets or Lies is available to view online. Click on this link and scroll down the page.

Transcript of Secrets or Lies, Frontline Scotland, BBC Scotland, 01/04/03 (PDF format).


Letter from Helen Porteous to Irene Whelan, 13/02/02 (PDF format).
Letter from Helen Porteous to Irene Whelan, 15/09/02
Letter from Heather Porteous to a victim of abuse (PDF format).
Email from Sam Poling Reporter, Frontline Scotland to James O'Neill, Communications Manager, Scottish Prison Service, 12/02/03 (PDF format).
Email from James O'Neill Communications Manager, Scottish Prison Service, to Tom Fox and Ian Gunn, SPS, 12/02/03
Letter from Helen Porteous to Irene Whelan, 13/02/03
Email from Sam Poling Reporter, Frontline Scotland to Tom Fox, Scottish Prison Service, 21/02/03 (PDF format).
Registered letter from David Whelan to Sonya Rothwell, 19/03/03 (PDF format).
Samples of what David Whelan informed Sonya Rothwell, BBC Frontline producer on the 19/03/03
Fax from Sonya Rothwell to David Whelan's solicitor, 19/03/03 (PDF format).
Safety of convictions and victim's motivation by Kathleen Marshall, child law consultant, the Scotsman, 03/04/03 (PDF format).
Letter from Sonya Rothwell Producer, Secrets or Lies, to Complainant, 14/04/03 (PDF format).
Fax from Complainant One to the BBC and the Scottish Prison Service, 02/05/03
Abuse victim: why I had to go public Sunday Herald, 04/05/03
First letter from Irene Whelan to David Whelan, Summer 2003
Second letter from Irene Whelan to David Whelan, 10/09/03
Irene Whelan's letter of complaint to Sonya Rothwell, Frontline Scotland, BBC Scotland, Autumn 2003 (PDF format).
My words were twisted to defend paedophile who abused my brother by Neil Mackay, Sunday Herald 14/09/2003
Letter from Complainant Two to the BBC, September 2003
Reply from Dorothy Parker Editor, Frontline Scotland, to Complainant Two, 16/09/03 (PDF format).
BBC refutes claims against its Quarriers inquiry by Dorothy Parker, Producer, Secrets or Lies, Sunday Herald 05/10/03
Letter from Nick Raynsford MP to David Whelan 24/10/03 (PDF format).
Letter from Ken MacQuarrie Controller BBC Scotland, to Nick Raynsford MP, 06/07/04 (PDF format).
BBC Frontline Scotland employees found to have been dishonest 06/05/04
Letter from John McCormick Controller BBC Scotland, to David Whelan, 27/02/04 (PDF format).
Letter from Ray Wyre to David Whelan, June 2004
Letter from Phil Robinson Quarriers' Chief Executive, to David Whelan, 17/08/04
Letter from Helen Dunbar on behalf of Helen Porteous to the Press Complaints Commission, 27/08/04 (PDF format).
Letter from Phil Robinson Quarriers' Chief Executive, to David Whelan, 05/10/04
Letter from Anna Magnusson to Elizabeth McWilliams, 22/11/05 (PDF format).
Statement Of Dissatisfaction submitted to the BBC Progamme Complaints Unit from David Whelan, November 2005
Letter from the BBC Governors' Programme Complaints Committee informing David Whelan of the appointment of an independent editorial adviser to investigate his complaint, 27/01/06 (PDF format).
Secrets or Lies - the connections
Statement from the FBGA regarding Secrets or Lies, 12/06/06
Frontline Scotland interview with Pearl Mailey/Allison.
Helen Porteous BBC Frontline transcript.
Findings by the BBC Editorial Standards Committee regarding BBC Scotland's Frontline Scotland programme "Secrets or Lies" (PDF format).
Letter from Richard Tait, Chairman of the BBC Editorial Standards Committee, apologising to David Whelan for "errors of judgement", 20/03/2007 (PDF format).
HOW COULD BBC BELIEVE THE BEAST BUT NOT ME? A victim of child abuser branded the “Beast in the Belltower” yesterday condemned BBC program makers for taking his tormentor's side. David Whelan spoke out after the Beeb's complaints body criticized Frontline Scotland's accuracy and impartiality. Watchdog backs victim, exclusive by Marion Scott. Scottish Sunday Mail, 25/03/2007 (PDF format).

Following a long and arduous campaign over a number of years for the TRUTH! in March 2007, some 3 years since the programme Secrets or Lies was broadcast, the BBC Trust commissioned an Independent Editorial Expert, Claire Posner, to investigate the issues of the serious complaints against the programme makers Frontline Scotland. Claire Posner's confidential report was highly critical of the programme makers, BBC Frontline Scotland, and of the complaints handling process in this case. Claire Posner made a number of recommendations to the BBC Trust for future programming in such cases. The BBC Trust commissioned a separate report to investigate possible systemic failures concerning the programme.

We would like to especially thank Nick Raynsford MP and Mr Mike Jempson of Mediawise, the UK's leading "Media Ethics Trust", for the help and assistance they gave us during our deliberations with the BBC Governors' Programme Complaints Committee (GPCC).

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