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Second letter from Irene Whelan to David Whelan, 10/09/03

Irene Whelan was in the care of the Porteous household for five weeks only with her brother David in all her time in Quarriers Homes. In April 1971 she was removed from Quarriers Homes after a serious physical assault on her by John Porteous which she reported to Mr J Mortimer at the time.

Dear David,

Just to let you know about the video that I received of Quarriers. It is not the video that was filmed in my house and I am very angry about it.

I saw Helen Porteous in January of this year for twenty minutes. I went into the village shop to see if I could find her and it was Bill Dunbar who told me John Porteous was put away for eight years. I even said to Bill Dunbar do you think I should go and see Helen as I was in two minds of what to do for the best. I made up my mind it was best to confront her and see what she had to say - I had to wait in Bill Dunbar's house for about thirty minutes and then Helen Dunbar took me over to the village hall where Helen was there with her daughter Heather.

I asked her if I could see the paper about it. She said she had no paper and asked me if I would be willing for the BBC to film myself telling them about the time I was in Quarriers.

I agreed to do this in the understanding that I could tell the truth about the way I was treated in Quarriers. I also told them about Drumchapel.

The video I received had other people on it assuming that John Porteous would not do that type of thing.

They asked me if I thought John Porteous was a good father and I said no. I am telling the truth just like yourself and I am angry that the video they filmed here was not sent to me or yourself so you could see what I said.

I am not stupid and I certainly do know what I am doing. I did not say that John Porteous was innocent although I did say I never saw John Porteous (be) that type of person as I was not present when these sexual assaults were taking place and just gave my side of the story what I thought about it. I would never go on video saying that I would help to make an appeal for some pervert, I went on video to tell them that there was no reason that you would be confused and accuse anyone of sexually assaulting you unless they did it. The way Helen has put it is that I would help her pervert husband. I am sorry but I think she should be behind bars as well trying to hoodwink and prevent the course of justice. I would go on oath in a court and bloody well tell them. Just to think I thought she would be a good mother. I see her now just like him - a couple of despicable liars.

I would be more than willing to take the video to the police and tell them that I would take no part in an appeal for John Porteous and tell them it is not the video that was filmed in my house. I wanted the video (with) what I said on it to be sent to you so then you could be told the truth of what I said.

Whether you think it is right or wrong I will go back to Helen Porteous and tell her that I want the video that was filmed here not a lot of distorted lies and tell her straight to her face that I will not take part in an appeal for John Porteous. Sonya Rothwell will receive a letter next from me. I tried to contact her on various occasions to ask why the video that they filmed in my house was not sent to me. Instead I received one about John Porteous. I'll continue myself and take further steps from here to establish the truth about what I said - not a pack of lies! I know you are angry and I fully understand but so am I.

It was nice to see you yesterday although the meeting was very tense and full of anger. I was worried about you and I just understand that I needed to know that you were all right. Take care.



NOTE: Both of Irene's letter were given to the Procurator Fiscal.

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