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PDF Document Independent Jersey Care Inquiry. If you think you can help please get in contact. Details as to how you can contact the Inquiry can be found here, 19/08/14 (PDF format). Also available in html here.

Jersey historical abuse redress scheme documents: One - Two - Three 29/03/12.

Victims of child abuse at Jersey care homes are to be offered up to £60,000 compensation from the state BBC News, 29/03/12.

Jersey abuse victims 'could soon get compensation' Jersey's government is ready to start paying compensation to people who were abused while in care, according to the chief minister, BBC News, 01/11/11.

 Jersey care home couple jailed for assaulting children BBC News, 06/01/11.

Scots couple guilty of assaulting children at Jersey care home BBC News, 26/11/10.

Carer denies assaulting children at Haute de la Garenne BBC News, 20/11/10.

Children "subjected to abuse in home on Jersey" by Matt Williams, Herald Scotland, 16/11/10.

Haut de la Garenne care home couple "abused children". The couple are from Kirriemuir, Angus in Scotland. Mrs Morag Jordan faces 36 charges of assault, dating back to the 1970s and 80s, and Mr Anthony Jordan faces 12 charges, alleged to have taken place between 1981 and 1984. BBC News, 15/11.10.

PDF Document David Whelan's CLA blog response which was not permitted on the CLA blog, 05/02/10. It is now apparent that the CLA and its executives such as Jim Goddard are clearly misrepresenting the position of FBGA and in particular David Whelan. FBGA and David Whelan have represented the Scottish historical abuse issues and those we represent in a wholly transparent manner since the FBGA group formed and we will continue to do so. We would ask all others to do likewise including the CLA and the advisors who claim and purport to represent the historical abuse issues in Scotland. David Whelan's responses to Jim Goddard's comments are in bold (PDF format).

PDF Document Chris Miller's response which was not permitted on the CLA Blog 28/01/10 (PDF format).

PDF Document FBGA's additional response to Zachari Duncalf concerning freedom of speech and setting the record straight of behalf of FBGA and David Whelan on a public blog, 26/01/10 (PDF format).

PDF Document Zachari Duncalf of the CLA to FBGA regarding the CLA bog, 26/01/10 (PDF format).

PDF Document Jim Goddard's response to Michael Shelton's recent press release. Michael will be given a full "Right of Reply" by FBGA as the CLA have closed down open and transparent freedom of speech on there blog concerning some issues relating to the historical abuse issues regarding Scotland and Jersey and the CLA’s past and present actions, 25/01/10 (PDF format).

PDF Document Email from Carrie Modral, legitimate Chair of the JCLA, to Jim Goddard of the CLA executive, 12/01/2010. The email is a vote of no confidence, which also states that CLA's involvement with and seeming leadership of JCLA is just not acceptable. "Many members of JCLA have voiced their concerns to me of CLA's involvement with JCLA and how much influence both you and Will have over the EC which is not what the members want. They are also concerned that JCLA funding is being used for CLA's travel and accommodation expenses and if this is the case, which I have been led to believe it is, this is totally unacceptable! These funds are desperately needed to help secure the future of JCLA, to fund various projects to include education and moreover, to be in a position to go forward and offer support and advise to all current and future care leavers in Jersey. Virtually nothing has been achieved by the current EC in helping the members of JCLA since it came into being some two and a half years ago" (PDF format).

PDF Document Email from Simon Bellwood to the FBGA, 11/01/2010. Simon Bellwood, a well respected former social worker, confirming the ballot and result of the AGM that took place on the 2nd December 2009 concerning the Jersey Care Leavers Association (JCLA). This resulted in Carrie Modral being elected Chair by the JCLA membership as witnessed and verified by Simon Bellwood and others who attended the said JCLA AGM. Yet the CLA executive, Jim Goddard, and others have consistently interfered with the democratic wishes and rights of the JCLA members to elect their own committee members and have ostracised Carrie Mondral since she was elected. This is simply unacceptable and deplorable behaviour by any group claiming to represent the interests of historical abuse survivors. (PDF format).

PDF Document Email from Phil Frampton to the Care Leavers Association executive and membership, 24/01/2010. Phil Frampton, founding member of the CLA, resigns from the organisation and its executive. Quote: " In Scotland, the CLA executive has also stirred up antagonism by exaggerated claims of CLA membership. The CLA claims it has a large non-paying membership but that is a nonsense when there is no obligation on those members. It is a sham to hide the fact that the real CLA membership had dwindled to hands full. CLA record is dismal in Jersey". Phil Frampton is a decent and thoughtful individual who sought to change the outcomes for Care Leavers for the better including those abused in-care. FBGA will always support individuals like Phil Frampton and their aims and objectives. FBGA will be bring further updates including a full statement from FBGA and Jersey (PDF format).

PDF Document Press release statement from Michael Shelton a former Care Leavers Association Executive member, who was previously responsible for historical abuse issues in the CLA organisation. Michael contacted FBGA independently due to his serious concerns with regards the current CLA and its Executive in relation to the organisation's past and present involvement in Jersey and now in Scotland. FBGA have offered the CLA Executive a Right of Reply (PDF format).

Scots couple charged over Jersey children's home probe BBC News, 14/01/10. A Scottish couple have appeared in Jersey Magistrates Court charged with a series of assaults at a children's home on the island. Anthony and Morag Jordan, both 62, face 46 charges relating to 14 children at the Haut de la Garenne home.

Jersey carer convicted of abuse BBC News, 20/08/09.

Four witnesses deny collusion in Jersey care home trial by Harry McRandle, Jersey Evening Post, 14/08/09.

Jersey home carer trial delayed BBC News, 12/08/09.

Jersey carer 'was sexual bully' BBC News, 10/08/09.

Jersey abuse inquiry: fourth person is charged Jersey Evening Post, 18/07/09.

The alleged victims of the Jersey child abuse inquiry cannot expect justice, reveals the detective at the centre of the case by Eileen Fairweather, the Mail Online, 18/04/09.

Jersey abuse case review rejected BBC News, 17/03/09.

Home to something evil the Jersey abuse scandal, by Cathy Scott-Clark and Adrian Levy, Guardian online, 14/03/09.

Jersey probe cop Lenny Harper: I’m being set up as the fall guy by Deborah McAleese, Belfast Telegraph, 17/12/08.

Abney Garsden McDonald Solicitors - Press Release: Leading Lawyer Expresses Concern For Abuse Victims Following Statement Issued by Jersey Police Chief, 13/11/08.

Jersey chief officer is suspended BBC News, 12/11/08.

Damages claims for Jersey abuse 'blocked' by Robert Verkaik, the Independent, 26/08/08.

'Remains of five youngsters' found at Jersey home by Rosamond Hutt, The Independent, 31/07/08.

Jersey child abuse bunker: First pictures, 24/07/08.

Jersey abuse inquiry: timeline, 11/07/08.

Jack Straw urged to intervene in Jersey children's home abuse case by Gordon Rayner, the Telegraph, 26/06/08.

Jersey abuse probe: ex-policeman held by Gordon Rayner, the Telegraph, 12/06/08.

Lawyers want special board to deal with Jersey abuse victims' claims by Clare Dyer, The Guardian, 09/06/08.

Top cop in Jersey child abuse inquiry slams critics by Deborah McAleese, Belfast Telegraph, 27/05/08.

Jersey Police officer the subject of threats and intimidation the Telegraph, 23/05/08.

Jersey bones 'may suggest murder' BBC News, 21/05/08.

Ex-warden appears in Jersey court BBC News, 12/05/08.

Jersey member of Parliament condems the media coverage of the child abuse scandal BBC News, 09/05/08.

Within these walls: the Jersey childcare scandal the Times Online, 04/05/08.

Man, 68, charged in Jersey probe BBC News, 29/04/08.

Jersey man in abuse probe arrest BBC News, 29/04/08.

Bloody items found in Jersey home BBC News, 18/04/08.

Panorama: Jersey - Island of Secrets BBC News, 31/03/08.

Public inquiry into Haut de la Garenne abuse claims Times online, 28/03/08.

Jersey 'punishment room' shown BBC News, 28/03/08.

Ex-Jersey home chief remanded in custody the Telegraph, 18/03/08.

Senior Jersey figures "tried to block care home investigation" by Stephen Adams, the Telegraph, 16/03/08.

Kids loaned out for rape cruises by Lucy Panton and Philip Whiteside, News of the World, 16/03/08.

Jersey police uncover second room BBC News, 10/03/08.

Police hunt missing sex offender BBC News, 10/03/08.

Police set to make three arrests over Jersey children's home horror the Mail on Sunday, 08/03/08.

Police find more remains at Jersey home by Ben Leach and Andrew Alderson, the Telegraph, 08/03/08.

Rally in Jersey over abuse claims BBC News, 09/03/08.

Scottish connection at heart of Jersey child abuse inquiry by Tanya Thompson, the Scotsman, 04/03/08.

Home abuse 'went on in Guernsey' AOL News, 05/03/08.

Abuse uncovered at another care home in Jersey BBC Inside Out, 05/03/08.

Sixties nostalgia that hid the horrors of Jersey by Mark Steel, the Independent, 05/03/08.

Army to search Jersey care home BBC News, 04/03/08.

More items taken from Jersey home BBC News, 03/03/08.

MPs in the UK parliament call for an Independent Inquiry into Jersey Abuse scandal Early Day Motion by Austin Mitchell, 26/02/08.

"Culture of concealment" divides Jersey as abuse scandal grows by Brendan Montague and Jack Grimston, Times Online, 02/03/08.

Are there connections between Jersey, Islington and Quarriers abuse scandals? Did wealthy benefactors use their positions to gain access to children? by Eileen Fairweather, Daily Mail, 02/03/08.

Cellar police sift through the past for abuse secrets by Ian Cobain, the Guardian, 01/03/08.

Police Searching Former Children's Home On Jersey Find Trapdoor by Victoria Ward, Daily Record, 01/03/08.

Jersey home witness 'intimidated' BBC News, 01/03/08. Quarriers victims were also intimidated by the families and supporters of the abusers.

First pictures from inside "Colditz" children's care home in Jersey Daily Mail, 01/03/08.

Jersey care home Inquiry enters its second week BBC News, 01/03/08.

New abuse claims at Jersey home BBC News, 29/02/08.

Scottish connection to Jersey child abuse inquiry BBC News, 29/02/08.

Another Jersey care home in abuse claims BBC News, 29/02/08.

Child abuse in Jersey. Not seen, not heard the Economist, 28/02/08.

Second chamber may conceal body in Jersey by Caroline Gammell, Aislinn Simpson and Lucy Cockcroft, the Telegraph, 27/02/08.

Floggings and rape...the dark secret within the walls of Jersey's abuse orphanage by Beth Hale and Arthur Martin, Daily Mail, 24/02/08.

Jersey care homes 'covered up abuses' Haroon Siddique and agencies,, 26/02/08.

'The Beast of Jersey' linked to home where child's skull found by Rhiannon Edward, the Scotsman, 26/02/08.

Update on Jersey child abuse inquiry by Ben Quéréé, This is Jersey, 26/02/08.

Jerseys's "culture of concealment" surrounding the abuse of children in-care by Julian Joyce, BBC News, 25/02/08.

More sites at Jersey children's home warrant investigation following the find of a child's remains BBC News, 25/02/08.

Child's remains found at former care home in Jersey BBC News, 23/02/08. FBGA ask if there are similarities concerning former children's care homes in Scotland. What are the child mortality rates for Quarriers Homes?

More childrens bodies not ruled out as police in Jersey continue their search AOL News online, 24/02/08.

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