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Correspondence with and regarding false memory experts

Email correspondence between David Whelan and Ray Wyre, March 2007.

Quarriers representatives deny victim access to medical report and notes compiled by Dr Janet Boakes.

What defines an "Expert" and their Role, by Dr Janet Boakes, British False Memory Society Newsletter, October 2005.

A Live Wyre, "False Allegations Action Scotland" re: Ray Wyre, the "Expert", by Penny Campbell, 15/02/06

Quarriers representatives hire so-called False Memory expert Dr Janet Boakes to discredit victims. Relevant links:

Memories of abuse: False memory, recovered memory and the problems of child abuse.

The Opinion of Lord Drummond Young in the Nazareth House case in the Scottish Court of Sessions 2nd June 2005, which includes a summary of Dr Janet Boakes findings from paragraph 77, which can also be seen in extract here.

The expert as judge and jury by Lois Rogers, the Sunday Times, 18/11/07. Is it time to reform the system of so called Experts giving evidence in Court? John Hemming, Liberal Democrat MP, campaigns against the misue of medical evidence.

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