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Material connected with the Scottish Law Commission.

Regarding FBGA's document submitted to the Scottish Law Commission on records of abuse at Quarriers, 10/10/06.

PDF Document Scottish Law Commission Report rejects Timebar change for pre-1964: victims outraged. FBGA always said that this Scottish Law Commission was set-up to delay and stall victims rights as enshrined in the European Union's Human rights convention and was a ploy by the past labour-led Scottish Executive and another example of their deceit and spin (PDF format).

PDF Document Scottish Law Commission Press Release 05/12/2007 (PDF format).

PDF Document Submission by Colin McEachran QC, to Scottish Law Commission. Please note Quarriers position in these cases concerning its past organisation (PDF format).

PDF Document Scottish Law Commission's response to FBGA letter regarding Quarriers submission, 09/03/07 (PDF format).

Second letter from David Whelan to the Scottish Law Commission regarding Quarriers submission, 07/03/07

PDF Document FBGA respond to Quarriers submission to the Scottish Law Commission, 02/03/07 (PDF format).

PDF Document Quarriers submission to Scottish Law Commission by Kate Stanford 31/05/06. Quarrier's reveal their true position and want the discretion that the judges have reduced! (PDF format).

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