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Letter to Jan McQueenie from Anna Magnusson, 04/10/1983


Extracts from Along Life's Narrow Way the autobiography of Jan McQueenie, Scottish Sunday Mail, 27/05/1984.
Part Two of Jan McQueenie's story Scottish Sunday Mail, 03/06/1984
Response to Jan McQueenie's story Scottish Sunday Mail, 03/06/1984
Doris Black interview from the Scottish Sunday Mail, 03/06/1984


Barnardo's man pleads guilty to abuse BBC News, 04/12/1998. Archived Barnardos Home abuse story sent to the FBGA by Sebastian Carss.
Barnardo's carer jailed BBC News, 15/12/1998. Archived Barnardos Home abuse story sent to the FBGA by Sebastian Carss.


Nazareth House Nun who was convicted claims victims involved in a conspiracy BBC News, 15/09/00.


Ex-Carer Faces Abuse Charges by Myra Philp, Daily Express, 22/08/2001
Child rapist jailed for 12 years BBC News Scotland, 28/09/2001
Pensioner Faces Rest Of Life In Jail by William Dick, The Scotsman, 26/10/2001


PDF Document The Children's Home Abuse Scandal by Marcello Mega. Exclusive archive artice. A massive shake-up of Scottish children's homes which could have spared thousands from a life of abuse was shelved after Labour lost the 1970 election. Official papers released under the 30-year rule reveal a government taskforce uncovered brutality at a string of institutions. Scottish Sunday Mail, 2002 (PDF format).
They Tortured Me In The Name Of Jesus by Neil Mackay, Sunday Herald, 19/05/2002
Charity Launches Massive Inquest Into Three Decades Of Child Abuse by Neil Mackay, Sunday Herald, 26/05/2002
Abusive carer is jailed for 8 years November 2002
Children's care-home worker guilty of sex abuse Dan McDougall, the Scotsman, 08/11/02
Kids' Home Sex Abuse the Sun, 09/11/2002
Kiddies' Home Beast Gets 8 Years Daily Record, 09/11/2002
How a leading charity let a paedophile rent a home amid Scotland's most vulnerable children Neil MacKay, Sunday Herald, 10/11/2002
Quarriers Faces More Allegations Of Child Abuse by Iain Wilson, the Herald, 28/11/2002
Don't Name Sex Abuse Accused Greenock Telegraph, 29/11/2002


Thousands Of Children In Care Not Told They Had Brothers And Sisters by Neil Mackay, Sunday Herald, 26/01/2003
'My Brother Lied' Claim Sparks Quarriers Appeal Evening Times, 31/03/2003
'Doubts' Over Child Sex Conviction BBC News Scotland, 01/04/2003
Safety Of Convictions And Victims' Motivation by Kathleen A Marshall, the Scotsman, 03/04/2003
Abuse victim: why I had to go public by Neil Mackay, Sunday Herald 04/05/2003
Quarriers In Bid To Find New Image by Katie Smith, Evening Times 24/06/2003
My words were twisted to defend paedophile who abused my brother by Neil Mackay, Sunday Herald 14/09/2003
Care Worker Is Spared Jail Over Child Cruelty by John Innes, the Scotsman, 02/10/2003
Quarriers' Response To Allegations Of Child Abuse the Business, 03/10/2003


PDF Document Does naming suspects help children? Kathleen Marshall, the McClintock Lecture, 2004 (PDF format).
Reflections 20 years after publication of extracts from Jan McQueenie's book "Along Life's Narrow Way" by Alison Goodall, Scottish Sunday Mail, 2004
Minister to be quizzed over Quarrier's inquiry delay Daily Telegraph, 2004
Anger At Abuser's Reduced Sentence by Iain Wilson, the Herald, 07/01/2004
Abuse sentence reduced on appeal BBC Scotland News, 07/01/2004
Family of convicted paedophile claim victims lied to get money by Neil Mackay, Sunday Herald, 11/01/2004
Kids' home perv free to return by Marion Scott, Scottish Sunday Mail, 18/01/2004
Houseparent denies sex abuse claims Evening Times, 16/03/2004
Man facing rape charges - Court told of abuse Greenock Telegraph, 16/03/2004
Man denies abusing care home girls Express, 16/03/2004
Quarrier's sex abuse trial hears evidence from staff Greenock Telegraph, 17/03/2004
Fourth man convicted of sex crimes at Quarrier's Ian Sharp, the Herald, 18/03/2004
Sex fiend faces jail for abuse of 8 girls Greenock Telegraph, 18/03/2004
Children's carer guilty of 19-year reign of abuse by Ian Sharp, the Scotsman, 18/03/2004
Fourth Quarriers worker is jailed Evening Times, 18/03/2004
Quarriers Homes: The haven that turned into Hell Jonathan Brocklebank, Daily Mail, 20/03/2004
New sex abuse and cruelty allegations are linked to notorious charity village by Patricia Kane, Sunday Mail 21/03/2004
Fourth paedophile from Quarriers to be convicted Gazette Group, 24/03/2004
Fury at aid for Beast in the Belltower by Marion Scott, Sunday Mail, 28/03/2004
Fury at aid for Beast in the Belltower by Marion Scott, Sunday Mail, 04/04/2004
Abusers' £2m Lair: Helltower For Sale by Marion Scott, Sunday Mail, 25/04/2004
Seven years for former children's worker by Brian Horne, the Scotsman, 28/04/2004
7½ years for care home pervert Evening Times 28/04/2004
Man is jailed on Quarriers charges Greenock Telegraph, 28/04/2004
Quarriers boss gives assurance on sex offender by Kathleen Mearns, Greenock Telegraph, 29/04/2004
Tell us the secrets of the Hell tower by Marion Scott, Scottish Sunday Mail, 02/05/2004
For the record letter from Phil Robinson to the Sunday Mail, 09/05/2004
Child abuse test case by Marion Scott, Scottish Sunday Mail 30/05/2004
Teacher sex abuse 'cover-up' BBC News, 01/07/04.
Pam Barr of Quarriers claims Bill Dunbar wasn't the Children's Files Archivist in a letter to David Whelan, 05/07/04
Care Home Abuse Victims Denied An Inquiry by Marion Scott, Scottish Sunday Mail, 11/07/2004
Anger as Quarrier's inquiry refused Iain Wilson, the Herald, 23/07/2004
Victims' fury at abuse decision by Andrew Thompson and Lorraine Tinney, Greenock Telegraph, 24/07/2004
Victims' fury as child abuse records altered by Marion Scott, Sunday Mail, 25/07/2004
Belltower Beast wife kicked out of home by Marion Scott, Sunday Mail, 08/08/2004
Fury as abuse victims denied official inquiry by Executive by Neil Mackay, Sunday Herald, 08/08/2004
Chance to show humility editorial Comment, the Herald, 09/08/2004
Minister to answer for delay in child abuse row Iain Wilson, the Herald, 09/08/2004
Sex beast claims he is victim by Marion Scott, Sunday Mail, 19/09/2004
Human chain of torment by Marion Scott, Sunday Mail, 26/09/2004
You should be told if your neighbour is a paedophile by Joan McAlpine, the Herald, 21/10/2004
Man Tells Of Quarrier's 'Abuse' November 2004
Quarriers inquiry expected Greenock Telegraph, 27/11/2004
Mounting pressure on MSPs to act - Child abuse victims call for inquiry by Jackie Bytheway, Sunday Post, 28/11/2004
Child Protection J. McQueen, Sunday Post Letters, 28/11/2004
Steps to help Scottish Home abuse victims BBC News, 01/12/04.
Church row over apology to abused by Andrew Denholm, The Scotsman, 02/12/2004
Apology is just the start - victims of care-home abuse deserve a full answer the Herald, 02/12/2004
Care home abuse victims fight on for probe by Deborah Anderson, Evening Times, 02/12/2004
McConnell in row over Quarrier's by Ewan Fergus, Greenock Telegraph, 02/12/2004
A sincere and full apology for children's homes abuse by Robbie Dinwoodie, the Herald, 02/12/2004
Care Home Abuse Victims Welcomed Jack McConnell's Heartfelt Apology But For Many Sorry Is Not Enough Scottish Sunday Mail, 05/12/2004
MSP: Church Must Say Sorry by Marion Scott, Scottish Sunday Mail, 05/12/2004
There Must Be A Public Inquiry Into Abuse In Care Homes by Rosie Kane, Scottish Sunday Mail, 05/12/2004
Say sorry for 'years of abuse' by Eitan Grant, Gazette Group, 15/12/2004
Law Chief in the dock by Marion Scott, Sunday Mail, 2004
Quarriers Homes employees convicted in addition to John Porteous: Ruth Wallace, Joseph Nicholson, Mary Drummond, Samuel McBrearty and Alexander Wilson


Attacker to be freed by Marion Scott, Sunday Mail, 20/02/2005
Quarriers victims speak out as the Parole Board prepares for case by Tristan Stewart-Robertson, Greenock Telegraph, 14/03/2005
'Witch-hunt' under attack - Supporters of sex criminal hit back by Tristan Stewart-Robertson, Greenock Telegraph, 18/03/2005
Sex beast is refused parole Sunday Mail, 29/05/2005
No parole for sex beast Greenock Telegraph 30/05/2005
Sex beast could be free within year Greenock Telegraph, 31/05/2005
'Keep up the fight' - Alleged victims are told: 'Don't be discouraged' by Tristan Stewart-Robertson, Greenock Telegraph, 15/07/2005
Six missing words let abuse accused go free - Case Collapses by John Robertson and Jim McBeth, the Scotsman, 14/07/2005
BBC 'regrets' King guest slot BBC NewsWatch 02/08/2005
Ex-Quarriers abused kids in blast at conference as PR stunt by Eitan Grant, the Gazette, Paisley, 14/09/2005
Abused must get justice Sunday Mail 18/09/2005
Quarriers Homes, cottage parents, son escapes jail, Glasgow Evening Times 30/09/2005
Victims call for former directors of Quarriers Homes to be charged full recording of Colin Adams interview with David Whelan, December 2005
PDF Document The Power to Abuse and the Power to Accuse. Kathleen Marshall, Scotland's Commissioner for Children and Young People, the Research Collections Lecture, 29/11/05 (PDF format).


Two emails in support of a full public inquiry from Harry Aitken to David Whelan, 10/01/2006
Executive fights to halt £8.5m claim from abused former pupils by Michael Howie, the Scotsman, 21/01/2006
Third day of Quarriers trial email from Quarriers Warriors, 21/01/2006
Victims fury as "Beast of Belltower" paedo' is let out after 3 years by Mark Smith, Scottish Daily Mirror 09/03/2006
Quarrier's abuser is put on probation Greenock Telegraph, 09/03/2006
Children's village abused victims step-up their demands by Russell Leadbetter, Glasgow Evening Times 27/05/2006
FBGA statement regarding false allegations 09/08/2006
Former Quarriers residents can sue by Alan MacDermid, the Glasgow Herald, 14/10/06
Nazareth House former residents receive Criminal Injuries Compensation BBC News, 27/10/06.
Extracts from the Court Cases Opinion of Lady Smith in the cause Pursuer against Quarriers and others, 10/11/06.
Readers responses to the debate concerning alleged miscarriages of justices the Guardian, 06/12/06.


Scots child abuse report delayed by Alan MacDermid, the Herald, 26/01/07.
Child Care Home abuse victims win Two Million payout in England, why not Scotland? BBC News, 07/03/07.
Quarriers Say No To New Abuse Law Marion Scott, Scottish Sunday Mail 18/03/07.
PDF Document HOW COULD BBC BELIEVE THE BEAST BUT NOT ME? A victim of child abuser branded the “Beast in the Belltower” yesterday condemned BBC program makers for taking his tormentor's side. David Whelan spoke out after the Beeb's complaints body criticized Frontline Scotland's accuracy and impartiality. Watchdog backs victim, exclusive by Marion Scott. Scottish Sunday Mail, 25/03/2007 (PDF format).
Scandal of Kerelaw: 40 staff abused youngsters by David Leask, Glasgow Herald 14/06/07.
More Claims are raised for victims of Kerelaw abuse by William Tinning, the Herald, 16/06/07.
Judges dismiss care home claims BBC News, 06/06/07.
Care law 'anomaly' to be probed BBC News, 14/06/07.
Will BBC chief's head roll over the Queen's tiara saga? by Paul Revoir and Rebecca English, Daily Mail, 13/07/07.
The BBC used to stand for integrity and all that was best about Britain. But who’d trust Auntie now? by Melanie Phillips, Daily Mail, 16/07/07.
"We must put our house in order" demands Director-General in tough response to further disclosures, the BBC Press Office, 18/07/07.
Abuse conviction concerns raised by Ray Wyre by James Shaw, BBC news, 02/08/07.
It was our duty to protect these children in remand homes. Instead they were sexually abused by staff for years. by Neil Mackay, Glasgow Sunday Herald, 02/09/07.
Historical Abuse report delayed by Robbie Dunwoody, The Herald, 15/09/07.
Religious abuse lawyers' fees will reach €250 million by Pat Leahy, Irish Post, 07/10/07.
Pervert Army Captain And Twisted Coin Hunt Game by Gordon Currie, Daily Record, 20/10/07. A former Quarriers child, Christopher Orr, who supported the Beast of the Belltower, John Porteous, by claiming that his brother Michael Lynn was not abused by Porteous is found guilty of sexually abusing children and placed on the sex offenders register.
Law Lords to decide on Timebar BBC News, 01/11/07.
Monk jailed for schoolboys abuse BBC News, 08/11/07.
Langham wins early jail release BBC News, 14/11/07.
Call for care home abuse centre BBC News, 22/11/07.
Task Force and Help for victims of abuse in Children's homes by Charlene Sweeney, the Times, 23/11/07.
Law must become ally of childhood abuse victims by Cameron Fyfe, the Herald, 07/12/07.


Man's death while in the care of Quarriers Charity was avoidable BBC News, 17/01/08.
Former Quarriers Home boy Christopher Orr is spared jail BBC News, 23/01/08.
Sheriff lets paedophile soldier walk free the, 24/01/08.
Victim wins right to sue Lotto rapist Guardian Unlimited, 30/01/08.
Law Lords rule in Child Abuse cases. Victims win right to SUE! BBC News, 30/01/08.
Lotto rapist ruling clears way for claims Clare Dyer, Guardian unlimited, 31/01/08.
PDF Document Victim Support Group calls for a national debate on false allegations of child abuse in Ireland page 4 of Faction, February 2008 (PDF format).
Confidential Children's Files at the centre of abuse row in Ireland by Maeve Sheehan,, 03/02/08.
Scottish Opposition Parties voice concerns with regards "Truth and Reconciliation" BBC News, 07/02/08.
'Truth forum' for abuse victims BBC News, 07/02/08. FBGA are asking which survivors in Scotland is the Public Health Minister, Shona Robison, referring to when she says, "For many survivors an acknowledgement of the abuse they have suffered would be more beneficial than monetary compensation".
Ausralia's Prime Minister apologises to the Aborigines BBC News, 12/02/08.
"I was hooded, held down and raped" by Deveney, Scotland on Sunday, 17/02/08.
PDF Document So called abuse "victim" who made false allegations loses appeal against 4 year conviction for making false allegation Irish Times, 25/02/08 (PDF format).
Scottish Kids' Home Abuse Probe by Janice Burns, the Daily Record, 06/03/08.
Police hunt missing sex offender BBC News, 10/03/08.
Strathclyde Police officer found to be a paedophile and convicted of downloading child porn BBC News, 26/03/08.
UK Care homes 'employing illegal immigrants' by Jo Revill, the Observer, 30/03/08.
Scandal of video-evidence suites lying idle by Tanya Thompson, the Scotsman, 23/04/08.
Langham debate cancelled amid row BBC News, 25/04/08.
Retired teacher jailed over abuse BBC News, 25/04/08.
Warrant issued for arrest of children's home woman the Scotsman, 26/04/08.
Social worker struck off register BBC News, 28/04/08.
Top school sued over abuse claims BBC News, 01/05/08.
Torture teacher has sentence cut BBC News, 08/05/08.
Scotland to be 'named and shamed' by UN over child welfare failures by Tanya Thompson, the Scotsman, 12/05/08.
Priest jailed for child sex abuse BBC News, 13/05/08.
Jersey bones 'may suggest murder' BBC News, 21/05/08.
Jersey Police officer the subject of threats and intimidation the Telegraph, 23/05/08.
Care of young 'needs improvement' in Scotland BBC News, 28/05/08.
Jersey abuse probe: ex-policeman held by Gordon Rayner, the Telegraph, 12/06/08.
Jack Straw urged to intervene in Jersey children's home abuse case by Gordon Rayner, the Telegraph, 26/06/08.
Sex crime expert Ray Wyre dies aged 56 by Marcello Mega, Scotland on Sunday, 29/06/08.
Man jailed over care home abuse BBC News, 02/07/08.
Jersey abuse inquiry: timeline the Guardian, 11/07/08.
Pope sorry for priests' sex abuse BBC News, 19/07/08.
Pope meets clergy abuse victims BBC News, 21/07/08.
Jersey child abuse bunker: First pictures the Telegraph, 24/07/08.
Former teacher on abuse charges BBC News, 29/07/08.
'Remains of five youngsters' found at Jersey home by Rosamond Hutt, The Independent, 31/07/08.
Child abuse reconciliation bid 'doomed' by Fiona Gray, Scotland on Sunday, The Scotsman, 03/08/08.
Former teacher convicted of abuse BBC News, 05/08/08.
Damages claims for Jersey abuse 'blocked' by Robert Verkaik, the Independent, 26/08/08.
Scotland's Children's Commissioner to step down BBC News, 05/09/08.
Teacher abuse victims speak out BBC News, 11/09/08.
Trio to challenge time bar on abuse claims by David Leask, Scotland On Sunday, 14/09/08.
More Australian orphanage victims fight for compensation by Simon Royal, ABC News, 19/09/08.
Teacher sex abuse victims' payout BBC News, 22/09/08.
Sex offender situation 'alarming' in Scottish prisons BBC News, 23/09/08.
Five men receive an out-of-court payout after claiming they were abused in a children's home in Berkshire 40 years ago BBC News, 24/09/08.
Child protection cases increase in Scotland BBC News, 24/09/08.
Vicar is jailed over child porn BBC News, 25/09/08.
Catholic priest who sexually abused girls 30 years ago jailed by Steven Morris, The Guardian, 30/09/08.
Priest 'stole victim's childhood' BBC News, 01/10/08.
Children's rights 'not being met' in Britain BBC News, 03/10/08.
Former teacher sentenced to 12 years in prison for abusing boys BBC News, 21/10/08.
Ex-health chief jailed over porn BBC News, 27/10/08.
Foster carer jailed after abuse BBC News, 18/11/08.
Children in care in Scotland at 25-year high BBC News, 26/11/08.
Criminal Cases Review Commission news item by Carole McCartney, the Guardian, 29/11/08.
Mother sues ex-policeman in rape claim by David Leask, Scotland on Sunday, 14/12/08.
Judge calls for abuse law change BBC News, 05/12/08.
Lie Detectors at War, but who is telling the truth? by Jerome Taylor, the Independent, 03/12/08.
Staff 'too timid' on child abuse by Michelle Roberts, BBC News, 03/12/08.
Irish Government to take Supreme Court challenge to redress ruling by Patrick Logue and Mary Carolan, the Irish Times, 02/12/08.


Canada's Truth and Reconciliation Commission is in trouble and struggling to come to terms with the legacy of its past by Lorraine Mallinder, BBC News, 31/01/2009.
Scotland's care system still failing children in care BBC News, 10/03/09.
Crackdown on expert witnesses. Judges given new power to test credibility of specialists who testify in court cases, by Robert Verkaik, the Independent, 07/04/09.
Call for abuse victim 'freedom' BBC News, 07/04/09.
Cash crisis "could put public at risk from sex offenders" by Tom Peterkin, Scotland on Sunday, 12/04/09.
Rollers chief linked to sex abuse network by Nicholas Christian, Scotland on Sunday, 12/04/09.
Children in care: how Britain is failing its most vulnerable by Amelia Gentleman, the Guardian, 20/04/09.
State failing to protect children in care, MPs say by Amelia Gentleman, the Guardian, 20/04/09.
Experiences In Care by Former Residents BBC News, 20/04/09.
England's care system needs a radical overhaul with the state acting as a "pushy parent" to get the very best for the children in its charge, MPs say BBC News, 20/04/09.
Miscarriage of Justice case a salutary reminder of need to be rigorous by Carol Coulter, the Irish Times Online, 30/04/09.
Scotland to Follow England and Pilot plan on sex offender alerts BBC News, 03/05/09.
A former City lawyer has won the right to bring a £5m damages action against a Jesuit-run school over alleged sexual abuse as a child BBC News, 05/05/09.
Eight members of a paedophile network have been found guilty of a catalogue of charges relating to child abuse and indecent images of children by Gavin Walker, BBC News, 07/05/09.
Paedophile gang trial: How MI5 helped bring Scotland's sickest perverts to justice by Gordon McIlwraith, the Daily Record, 08/05/09.
Paedophile gang trial: 70 perverts arrested worldwide as part of police probe by Gordon McIlwraith, the Daily Record, 08/05/09.
Paedophile gang trial: Jurors' 8-week ordeal of horrific and sickening evidence by Gordon McIlwraith, the Daily Record, 08/05/09.
Children's Panel chief arrested for allegedly abusing young girls by Janice Burns, Daily Record, 19/05/09.
PDF Document Jailed pervert back living in village where he abused kids by Marion Scott, Sunday Mail, 31/05/09 (PDF format).
Paedophile ring "abused children in State homes" by Jim Cusack, Irish Independent, 31/05/09.
Breakdown of the respondents, organisations and individuals who submitted to the consultation to develop an Acknowledgement and Accountability approach for Adult Survivors of Childhood Sexual Abuse. The Scottish Government, Health and Community Care, 02/06/09.
Irish Parliament debate the child abuse report the Irish Times, 10/06/09.
Thousands march in solidarity with abuse victims the Irish Times, 10/06/09.
Anger and Anguish in hugh show of support for Irish victims of child abuse by Ciaran Byrne, Irish Independent, 11/06/09.
High-risk offenders 'not managed' properly in Scotland BBC News, 18/06/09.
Derek Ogg QC, who defended Porteous, to head a specialist unit set up to investigate and prosecute Scotland's most serious sex crimes BBC News, 25/06/09.
UK Irish abuse victims 'losing out' by Helen Grady, BBC News, 07/07/09. Another controversial aspect of the compensation scheme referred to in the article is a so-called "gagging clause", which bans those who receive redress from talking about their experience of the scheme or from divulging how much compensation they were awarded.
Syvret charged with data offences BBC News, 09/07/09.
'Lack of help' for abuse victims BBC News, 19/07/09.
Exclusive: I was sexually abused as a child, reveals George Galloway by Dave King, Daily Record, 20/07/09.
Care workers' redundancy threat BBC News, 20/07/09.
Rise in Childline calls from boys BBC News, 26/07/09.
Taking care of our children Irish Times, 29/07/09.
Child welfare groups and abuse victims welcome Ryan report plan by Carl O'Brien, Irish Times, 29/07/09.
Reporting of suspected abuse now compulsory in Ireland by Carl O'Brien, Irish Times, 29/07/09.
Undercover care reporter arrested BBC News, 06/08/09.
Former Priest extradited from US to face child abuse charges BBC News, 08/08/09.
Jersey carer 'was sexual bully' BBC News, 10/08/09.
Tracey Connelly: the story of a woman defined by abuse. Baby P's mother faces years of contempt after making the worst of an abject start in life by allowing her son to die in a home permeated by deception and depravity by Sandra Laville, the Guardian, 11/08/09.
Jersey home carer trial delayed BBC News, 12/08/09.
Jersey carer convicted of abuse BBC News, 20/08/09.
Lives 'ruined' by rape allegation BBC News, 09/10/09.
UK child migrants apology planned BBC News, 15/11/09.


British Prime Minister Gordon Brown apologises to child migrants (children of a lost generation) and announces a £6m fund to reunite families, BBC News, 14/01/10.
Scots couple charged over Jersey children's home probe BBC News, 14/01/10. A Scottish couple have appeared in Jersey Magistrates Court charged with a series of assaults at a children's home on the island. Anthony and Morag Jordan, both 62, face 46 charges relating to 14 children at the Haut de la Garenne home.
Political parties unite over Matt George the Largs and Millport Weekly News, 28/01/10. Former employee of Kerelaw, Mr Matt George, to have his appeal against conviction heard in May or June 2010.
Catholic Church sex abuse scandals sweeping the world BBC News, 19/03/10.
Pope apologises to the Irish abuse victims by Tom Kington, the Observer, 21/03/10. But is it enough? Victims call for individuals to be held fully accountable and responsible. Irish Public unmoved by the Pope's apology.
The leader of the Catholic Church in Scotland is to say sorry to the victims of sexual abuse by priests in his Easter Sunday address, it has emerged BBC News, 02/04/10.
Cardinal: Abuse brings shame on all Catholics by Eddie Barnes and Stephen McGinty, the Scotsman, 02/04/10.
Deadline extended for abuse victims the Herald, 07/05/10.
Phil Robinson retires and Quarriers appoints a new Chief Executive by Andrew Holt, Charity Times, 08/06/10.
Revealed: brutal guide to punishing jailed youths by Mark Townsend, The Observer, 18/07/10.
PDF Document Alternative critical review of the Tom Shaw report, by Mark Smith, Senior Lecturer in Social Work, Edinburgh University. Victim narratives of historical abuse in residential child care: do we really know what we think we know? Qualitative Social Work, 27/08/10 (PDF format).
Strathclyde Police officers who led abuse probe set to train all forces by Marion Scott, Scottish Sunday Mail, 14/11/10.
Haut de la Garenne care home couple "abused children". The couple are from Kirriemuir, Angus in Scotland. Mrs Morag Jordan faces 36 charges of assault, dating back to the 1970s and 80s, and Mr Anthony Jordan faces 12 charges, alleged to have taken place between 1981 and 1984. BBC News, 15/11.10.
Carer denies assaulting children at Haute de la Garenne BBC News, 20/11/10.
Inspiring memoirs reveal Quarriers Children's Village victim's fight for justice, the Scottish Sunday Mail, 21/11/10.
Scots couple guilty of assaulting children at Jersey care home BBC News, 26/11/10.


 Jersey care home couple jailed for assaulting children BBC News, 06/01/11.
Quarriers victims speak out "I made five suicide attempts after care home abuse", by Shelley Matheson, the Sun, 24/02/11.
PDF Document Law change on child abuse compensation is welcomed Glasgow Herald, 21/03/11 (PDF format).
Matthew George loses appeal over Kerelaw School abuse BBC News, 19/04/11.
Former child migrants launch class action by Isabel Hayes, the Age, 14/06/11.
Australian government sued over abuse claims BBC News, 14/06/11.
Northern Ireland abuse inquiry could take two years to establish BBC News, 21/09/11.
Northern Ireland Executive to establish historical abuse inquiry going back to 1945 BBC News, 29/09/11.
Ex-employee of Quarriers Alexander Wilson, commits further crimes, is convicted and awaits sentencing. OAP fiend pounced on carer while she was giving him a bath, by Marion Scott, Daily Record, 09/10/11.
Convicted sex offender should never have been released to attack his carer Daily Record, 23/10/11.


Victims of child abuse at Jersey care homes are to be offered up to £60,000 compensation from the state BBC News, 29/03/12.
Jimmy Savile scandal: Inquiry begins into BBC culture, BBC News, 29/10/12.
Australia PM announces child abuse probe Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard has announced a national inquiry into institutional responses to the sexual abuse of children, BBC News, 12/11/12.
The Press turn their attention to the victims of the North Wales abuse scandal A victim of his delusions: Astonishing story the BBC DIDN'T tell you about its troubled star witness, Steven Messham's claims, by David Rose and Bob Woffinden, Mail Online, 13/11/12.
Crisis at the BBC Director General resigns in the wake of the newsnight abuse scandal, BBC News, 13/11/12.
PDF Document The Scottish Independent Advocacy Alliance magazine. On page 8 is an article submitted by FBGA about why independent advocacy is so important for Scottish historical abuse victims-survivors to realise their individual rights (PDF format).


PDF Document Brian McMenemy the deputy manager for Quarriers teenage homeless project "Stopover" and a Children's Panel member, exposed as a predator who posed as a teenage girl to get boys to perform sex acts over webcam, by Lauren Crooks, Scottish Sunday Mail, 17/02/13 (PDF format). Online version here.
PDF Document Quarriers employee, Children's Panel member and Deputy Manager of "Stopover" project Brian McMenemy has been sentenced to 19 Months for grooming young boys, 12/03/13 (PDF format). BBC News online report here. HeraldScotland online report here.


PDF Document Victims of Abuse in new bid for Justice Scots abused in children's homes to seek compensation through the English Courts. Scottish Sunday Mail, 20th July 2014 (PDF format). Also available in html here.
Child abuse victims hail major step forward in fight for justice. Glasgow Herald article by Robbie Dinwoodie and Daniel Sanders, Tuesday 28 October 2014.
Child sex abuse inquiry planned for Scotland. A plan to hold public inquiry into historical child abuse in Scotland is being prepared by the Scottish Government. By Tom Peterkin, Scotland on Sunday, 09/11/2014.


PDF Document The Education Secretary, Angela Constance, vows to put the best person in charge of a public inquiry into child abuse in Scotland. The Sunday Mail, 26/04/2015 (PDF format).
PDF Document Research paper on Scottish historical abuse cases by Eleanor J. Russell, "Historic abuse: the hard reality for victims", which deals with timebar issues. The Judicial Review, 2015 (PDF format).
PDF Document Scotland’s victims of institutional child abuse will be given a voice, says Education Secretary Angela Constance. Marion Scott, the Sunday Mail, 31/05/2015 (PDF format).
PDF Document Catholic groups launch Judicial Review of Susan O'Brien appointment, by Stephen Naysmith, Herald Scotland, 25/06/2015 (PDF format available here).
PDF Document Changing script by Stephen Naysmith, the Scottish Herald. An article in which Professor Kay Hampton of the Scottish Human Rights Commission talks about her life and how and why she took an interest in the Scottish Victims - Survivors cause and campaign for justice (PDF format).
PDF Document Court rejects challenge to Scottish ministers' abuse inquiry chair, by Stephen Naysmith, Herald Scotland, 01/07/2015 (PDF format available here).
PDF Document Alan Draper of INCAS claims abuse inquiry shambles by Stephen Naysmith, Glasgow Herald 01/10/2015. David Whelan, spokesman for Former Boys and Girls Abused in Quarriers Homes (FBGA), said victims needed to be treated with understanding during the inquiry process. "It is important that the inquiry team acknowledge they are dealing with very vulnerable adults and need to engage with survivors in a way which is sensitive and empathetic," he said. He did not agree that process had been subject to delay. "This has come after years of campaigning and the Government is saying we want to listen to you, want to look at this and stop it happening in the future. It is important that the panel is impartial and able to be fair to everyone, what is important is that the people appointed are the right people so that everyone can have confidence in this inquiry" (PDF format).
PDF Document Righting the Wrongs of the Past an article by David Mitchell from Scotland's Professional Social Work Magazine, featuring comments By FBGA regarding the National Inquiry, November 2015 (PDF format).


PDF Document Abuse probe urges victims to come forward Scottish Sunday Mail, by Marion Scott, 20/03/2016 (PDF format) (html version available here).
Leading lawyer claims vulnerable children abused in Scots care system were ‘victims of a conspiracy of silence’, by Marion Scott, Scottish Sunday Mail, 27/03/16.
Victims' anger at Criminal Injuries Compensation Board who refuse to amend their 2 year Timebar rule and bring it into line with the proposed changes in the Scottish Civil law, by Marion Scott, Scottish Sunday Mail, 01/05/16.
Deputy 1st Minister John Swinney meets abuse survivors including David Whelan from FBGA, over the troubled Inquiry, BBC News, 07/07/2016.
PDF Document John Swinney urged to act on abuse inquiry after resignations the Scotsman, 07/07/16. (PDF format). (Online version here)
PDF Document Meeting with John Swinney reassures anxious abuse victims troubled inquiry is on track by Stephen Naysmith, the Glasgow Herald, 07/07/16. (PDF format). (Online version here)
PDF Document John Swinney meets survivors of child abuse after inquiry resignations by Gareth McPherson, the Courier, 08/07/16 (PDF format). (Download Word document version here)
PDF Document Lady Smith appointed chair of crisis-hit Scottish Child Abuse Inquiry by Victoria Weldon, the Glasgow Herald, 27/07/16 (PDF format).
PDF Document Abuse victim's glowing praise for inquiry is heartening Stephen Naysmith, the Herald, 12/09/16 (PDF format).
What would change with a new child abuse law? by David Allison, BBC Scotland News, 15/09/2016.
Deputy First Minister John Swinney rejects calls to expand child abuse inquiry by Andrew Learmonth, the National, 18/11/2016.
PDF Document Swinney is right not to extend the child abuse inquiry remit, Stephen Naysmith, the Herald, 18/11/2016 (PDF format).


Forced to parade around naked, beaten and force-fed: Care forum reveals horrific accounts of historical child abuse. The Scottish Daily Record, 10/01/17.
Care home abuse revealed by new National Confidential Forum report, "What We Have Heard So Far". SEVERE abuse and neglect experienced by children in Scotland's care system have come to light. The National newspaper, 11/01/17.
Historical Institutional Abuse Inquiry: Reaction. A report detailing widespread abuse of children in residential homes in Northern Ireland has led to apologies from several institutions involved, BBC News, 20/01/17.
Northern Ireland Historical Institutional Abuse Inquiry: "Widespread abuse" in children's homes, BBC News, 20/01/17.
PDF Document PDF Document Child abuse victims slam insurers over timebar by Stephen Naysmith, the Herald, 17/02/17 (PDF format). Html version here.
PDF Document Child abuse inquiry panel decision defended by John Swinney, the Herald, 23/02/17 (PDF format). Online version here. Html version here.
Scottish survivor group Incas threaten to abandon child abuse inquiry over anonymity fears, by Stephen Naysmith, the Herald, 01/03/17.
PDF Document Judge leading child abuse inquiry ruled against claims for damages. Lady Smith rejected attempts to have three-year time bar set aside in eight Quarriers Homes cases, by Chris Marshall, the Scotsman, 24/02/17 (PDF format). Html version here.
PDF Document MSPs warned of 'barrier' created by time limit on child abuse damages claims, the Glasgow Herald 28/02/17 (PDF format).
Scot taken from mother, sent to Australia and abused to testify at Scottish Child Abuse Inquiry, by Brian Donnelly, the Herald, 09/03/17. Hugh McGowan a migrant child and former resident of Quarriers tells his story in the BBC 2 programme, "Growing Up in Scotland: A Century of Childhood".
PDF Document Irish Religious orders have paid just 13% of bill for child abuse inquiry Irish Independent news, 09/03/2017. Irish Religious orders which ran institutions where children were abused have paid just 13% of the bill for a long-running inquiry, redress and compensation, the state's financial watchdog has found (PDF format).
PDF Document Justice Committee backs plan to lift child abuse damages time bar Glasgow Herald, 20/04/2017. Plans to lift a time bar to allow child abuse survivors to sue for damages has been backed by Holyrood's Justice Committee (PDF format).
MSPs support end of time bar on child abuse payouts BBC News, 27/04/17. MSPs have unanimously backed the general principles of a bill to scrap the time bar on survivors of childhood sexual abuse suing for damages.
Abuse victim who fought for justice dies without redress by Stephen Naysmith, the Herald, 30/04/17.
PDF Document Lawyer claims Barnardo's "compounded abuse" by destroying records "What were Barnardo's trying to hide by destroying records?" Survivors solicitors asks. Peter Swindon, Group Investigations Writer, the Sunday Herald, 04/06/17 (PDF format).
PDF Document Child abuse 'cover-up' claims after Barnardo's admits systematically destroying files Peter Swindon, Group Investigations Writer, the Sunday Herald, 04/06/17 (PDF format).
PDF Document Abuse survivors pledge to make credible claims as time bar lifted the Glasgow Herald, 23/06/2017 (PDF format). Html link here.
PDF Document Abuse inquiry is told care home hired staff with Christian values. "They had to have Christian values and a love of and interest in children." Brian Donnelly, the Herald, 28/06/2017 (PDF format).
PDF Document Children had to bow and salute to care home staff, child abuse inquiry hears Brian Donnelly, the Herald, 27/06/2017 (PDF format).
PDF Document Charity fails to provide records for 40 years of child abuse Mike Wade, the Times, 28/06/2017 (PDF format). Html link here.
Ex-child abuse inquiry chairwoman Susan O'Brien loses damages claim. A £500,000 damages claim brought against the Scottish government by the former chairwoman of a child abuse inquiry has been thrown out of court. A judge ruled Susan O'Brien's compensation claim should be dismissed, BBC News, 05/07/17.
PDF Document David Whelan, a child abuse survivor, has said he suffered intimidation after speaking out and was forced to waive his anonymity after his convicted abuser appeared in a BBC documentary, Chris Marshall, the Scotsman, 05/07/2017 (PDF format). Html link here.
PDF Document Revealed: Documents destroyed at Scottish sex abuse care home where teen girls were abused, by Peter Swindon, the Sunday Herald, 30/07/17. A report into abuse in Scottish children's homes found that senior council staff in Scotland ordered the destruction of records. The dossier – Historical Abuse Systemic Review Residential Schools and Children's Homes in Scotland 1950 to 1995 – by Tom Shaw, former chief inspector of education in Northern Ireland, said: "Some people in key positions, such as senior managers, seemed to lack understanding about the significance of records, what records existed and where. Some senior people in local authorities, voluntary and religious organisations were guarded and even unwilling to help. The review also learned that senior people had ordered records to be destroyed" (PDF format).
PDF Document Susan O'Brien's abuse inquiry claim for damages rejected, by Gurpreet Narwan, the Times, 06/07/17 (PDF format).
PDF Document Abuse victim: we were made out to be bad guys, by Joe Stenson, Scottish Daily Mail, 06/07/17. Child abuse survivors were treated as 'bad guys' by the Scottish Government as they campaigned for justice, an inquiry heard yesterday. The claim came from David Whelan, spokesman for Former Boys and Girls Abused of Quarrier's Homes (FBGA) (PDF format).
Child abuse survivors at Bridge of Weir home say scale of attacks is comparable to Jersey 'house of horror'. By David Bateman, the Scottish Sun, 12/07/17.
Greenock OAP tells of abuse ordeal while in the care of Quarriers Orphan Homes, by Rosemary Lowne, the Greenock Telegraph, 01/08/17. Tommy Hagan suffers from a severe nervous disorder which he says was caused by 14 years of systematic physical abuse and neglect which he endured at the Orphan Homes of Scotland between 1938 and 1952.
PDF Document Victim of child sex abuse carved attacker's initials in her thigh when she wasn't believed by care staff, by Peter Swindon, the Sunday Herald, 20/08/17 (PDF format).
Tommy's "journey to be heard" over care home abuse, BBC News, 13/09/17. After decades of being ignored Tommy Hagan is on a "journey to be heard" about the abuse he suffered in a care home from the age of three. Tommy, 81, has been speaking out about the shocking abuse he was subjected to for 13 years while in the care of Quarriers homes in Renfrewshire in the 1930s and 1940s.
PDF Document More than 400 in care child abuse victims apply to £13.5m Scottish Government fund, Stephen Naysmith, the Glasgow Herald, 14/09/17 (PDF format).
PDF Document How we are leaving our childhood hell behind with Future Pathways, the Daily Record, 18/09/17 (PDF format).
The Quarriers sweethearts reunited after 50 years who are overcoming their childhood abuse with Future Pathways, the Daily Record, 15/09/17.
81-year-old ticking off his bucket list, BBC News, 23/10/17. Former resident of Quarriers Homes, Tommy Hagan, who alleges he was physically abused over many years in the care home, receives much needed support from Future Pathways and his local support agency to fulfill some childhood experiences he missed out on when in care.
PDF Document Chief social worker: Child abuse was underestimated, by Graham Grant, Scottish Daily Mail, 01/11/2017 (PDF format). Scotland's former top social worker yesterday admitted he "vastly underestimated" the scale of abuse in children's homes. Professor Angus Skinner, who was also chief social work adviser to the previous Scottish Executive, said he had failed to appreciate the "duplicitous cover-up" of abuse by "evil" molesters. Html link here.
PDF Document Concerns over Scots abuse mishandling probes as investigation into approach to victim's case 'stalls', by Martin Williams, the Glasgow Herald, 02/11/2017. Concerns have emerged that official investigations into historic child abuse cases in Scotland involving social workers are being kept on hold because of the Scottish child abuse inquiry (PDF format).
PDF Document Social Work Professor Mark Smith denies he is an "apologist" for child abusers, by Peter Swindon, the Sunday Herald, 26/11/2017 (PDF format). One campaign group, Former Boys and Girls Abused in Quarriers (FBGA), which supports survivors of abuse has described Smith as "an apologist for child abusers". Html link here.
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