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Scottish Sunday Mail, 20th July 2014

Victims of Abuse in new bid for Justice

Scots abused in children's homes to seek compensation through the English Courts.

Dozens of victims in care run by the charity Quarriers hope to use a Supreme Court ruling to get justice they have been denied by strict time bar rules in Scotland.

The UK's highest court ruled that organisations with assets down south can be sued by Scots victims. Last week we told how trainee lawyer Gerry McFarlane, who was abused by the De La Salle monks as a boy, had launched a new legal action against the religious order using the ruling.

David Whelan, 50, of campaign group Former Boys and Girls Abused at Quarriers, said: "Eight people were convicted of abusing kids in Quarriers. But because of strict time bar rules in Scottish Civil Courts, we have been denied justice for decades despite criminal convictions".

"The news that there may be an opportunity to take action through the English court system is life-changing for survivors struggling to rebuild their lives".

David, whose book No More Silence lifted the lid on the UK's biggest ever abuse scandal at a children's home, added "It is shameful we have not been able to proceed in Scotland but I hope victims will take the opportunity of seeking justice in England".

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