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Care home abuse victims welcomed Jack McConnell's heartfelt apology but for many sorry is not enough

Sunday Mail 05/12/04

Jim, 51, from Rait, first reported sexual abuse and physical torture at St Ninian's, De La Salle List D School, Gartmore, eight years ago.
He said: "We want a public inquiry to name and shame abusers, the organisations that have covered up systematic abuse and the Crown Office, who have failed to prosecute so many evil men and women who must still be a danger to society."

Chris, 38, from Glasgow, says he was so badly beaten at Gartmore that he suffered permanent hearing loss.
He said: "We've suffered for decades because secrecy has allowed abusers to escape justice and that secrecy must end with a public inquiry. We want heavy penalties against organisations that have destroyed files. If they had nothing to hide, they wouldn't have destroyed them."

Adrian, 47, of Edinburgh, was used as a sex toy by evil Barnardo's foster mother Helen Ford. She held parties for paedophiles to abuse him. Adrian said: "I was treated like an animal, and forced to steal food from dustbins, but my abuser only served two years. Sorry isn't going to bandage the horror I was subjected to. We need judicial powers to bring the organisations to justice."

Emil, 51, from Glasgow, watched his brother Tony die in a fall and, weeks later, aged 11, ended up at Gartmore, for taking a bike.
He said: "I served a harder sentence than I would have done for murder, with daily beatings, rape and unspeakable horror from monks trusted to look after me. The Executive must act to ensure all cases are brought to court and dealt with harshly."

Arthur, 51, from Stirling, was sent to Gartmore, in 1963, and won a £50,000 claim against the sadistic monk Michael Murphy, 70, known as Brother Benedict, for his brutality.
Arthur said: "I won't rest until there is a full public inquiry. We've been begging politicians to help us for years, and they've done nothing because of the powerful organisations behind the homes and schools."

Robert, 53, from Sauchie, was abused at Gartmore between 1963 and 1965.
He said: "Reviewing the timebar laws will help countless hundreds abused before 1964, so that is long overdue.
"But there are still many glaring holes in what the Executive plan and I doubt many of us will ever get real justice until the organisations responsible are forced to face up to what went on."

Elizabeth, 67, from Glasgow, was just a baby when sent to Quarriers, Bridge of Weir, with her twin brother in 1939.
She said: "We need an inquiry because those who were supposed to care for us are still covering up the abuse.
"The truth is the only thing that will set us free, and these proposals fall very short of ensuring that the truth will come out."

Annie, 70, from Maybole, was just nine years old when she was sent to Nazareth Houses in Lasswade and Kilmarnock, where she claimed to have suffered years of abuse.
She said: "Words will not give us the justice we deserve.
"No one could make up the horror we were subjected to, and I feel betrayed that the Executive have done little to spell out the sanctions it intends to impose."

Robert, 52, from Glasgow, was 11 when he was sent to St Ninian's De la Salle List D School, Gartmore, where he alleges he endured three years of brutality.
He said: "Unless the Church apologises on behalf of all the orders, there will never be justice.
"I'm pleased timebar laws are going to be overturned, but I want to see more abusers being taken to court."

Helen, 46, from Dumbarton, alleged years of sex abuse at Kilmarnock's Nazareth House by a nun and a priest.
She said: "The monsters who raped me have never been brought to justice. We can't rest until we get that.
"Suggestions an inquiry should be private as the media would identify victims doesn't hold water - papers don't identify victims unless they want to be named."

David, 46, from Glasgow was sexually abused by Beast In The Belltower John Porteous, 71, who was jailed for five years for abusing children at Quarriers.
He said: "There has to be a judicial inquiry with real powers to act against those who are still abusing us with their lies and deceit, despite hollow apologies. Abuse was covered up then, and it's still being covered up now."

Ian, 53, from Clydebank alleges abuse during years he was at St Ninianís De La Salle list D School for truancy.
He said: "The Executive must follow up the timebar review proposals with harsh sentences for offenders.
"There must also be fines for organisations who don't hand over files that are often the only proof of the horrors we were subjected to."

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