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Historical Abuse Systemic Review

PDF Document FBGA submission to Scottish Petitions Committee, 18/03/12 (PDF format). Html version here.

PDF Document Safeguarding Communities - Reducing Offending (SACRO) Restorative Justice Services for Adult Survivors Abused in Care as Children. Time To Be Heard - Final Report of Pilot 22/11/11 (PDF format).

Scottish Petitions Committee Official Report 29/11/11. Duncan Wilson from the Scottish Human Rights Commission (SHRC) and Scottish Government Ministers give evidence, pages 5-16.

PDF Document FBGA have written to the Scottish Petitions Committee chair and its members, the Scottish Government and all the Scottish MSP's asking that the relevant Scottish Government authorities comply with their international obligations and address the historical abuse issues affecting Scotland. The state was responsible for the regulation and oversight of care institutions, including Quarriers, and is still ultimately responsible for the treatment endured by former residents in them. Time and distance does not absolve that responsibility, nor does the current economic climate. We are urging The Scottish Petitions Committee and the Scottish Government to commit to the implementation of the SHRC framework, recommendations and a process that is individual-centred yet beneficial to ALL Scottish victim-survivors. You will find a copy of the letter, dated 16th November 2011 here (PDF format).

You can access and view all the submissions, including FBGA's, to the Scottish Petitions Committee regarding the Scottish historical abuse issues and the forthcoming presentation by the Scottish Human Rights Commission here.

PDF Document Scottish Government response to the Time To Be Heard recommendations and report, 22/03/11 (PDF format).

PDF Document Feedback and summary from focus groups and service users concerning the In Care Survivors Scotland Service (ICSSS), Feb 2011 (PDF format).

Link to the Scottish Parliament film archive. Commissioners Tom Shaw and Anne Carpenter appear before the Petitions committee regarding Time to Be Heard, 01/03/11. The session is archived for one calender month only.

PDF Document FBGA's response to Scottish Government and Petitions Committee concerning the Time To Be Heard report 07/03/2011 (PDF format).

PDF Document FBGA statement referred to in Edinburgh and Glasgow at the Time To Be Heard meetings concerning the Time To Be Heard Pilot and Confidentiality model, 01-02/03/2011 (PDF format).

PDF Document  Time to Be Heard Pilot report - regarding Quarriers historical abuse issues - by Tom Shaw, Kathleen Marshall and Anne Carpenter, 23/02/2011 (PDF format).

PDF Document Restorative Justice: An Overview by Tony F Marshall, Home Office, 1999. The Primary objectives of Restorative Justice are:
  • To attend to victims needs - material, financial, emotional and social, (including those personally close to the victim who may be similarly affected).
  • To prevent re-offending by integrating offenders into the community.
  • To enable offenders to assume active responsibility for their actions.
  • To create a working community that supports the rehabilitation of offenders and victims and is active in preventing crime.
  • To provide a means of avoiding escalation of legal justice and associated costs and delays
Why are Safeguarding Communities - Reducing Offending (SACRO) and others currently attaching pre-conditions on victim-survivors currently participating or who wish to participate in such a process at this time? Are victim-survivors being denied their full rights by SACRO; rights that include access to justice, redress, reparation, compensation and remedies?

FBGA maintain that there has to be a full open debate and proper consultation concerning Restorative Justice in relation to all victim-survivors abused in the Scottish care system. We would advise all Quarriers former residents and their families not to give up any of their human rights and to seek independent advice throughout their participation in any SACRO Restorative Justice process concerning Scotland at this time. We would also advise all participants to state clearly to SACRO and its representatives what sort of remedies, redress and reparation - including full compensation for the damage inflicted on them by abuse perpetrated in the Quarriers care system in the past.

FBGA cannot recommend the SACRO processes at this time. We believe that vulnerable individuals are simply being taken advantage of, by foisting on them a process that is not acceptable or appropriate for this vulnerable group of adults. FBGA believe that Restorative Justice as defined at this time will not provide the beneficial outcomes for the majority of the Scottish historical victim-survivors and their families. The Restorative Justice process in Scotland is flawed as it currently stands in relation to the historical abuse victim-survivors and is not fit for purpose (PDF format).

PDF Document  FBGA's response to the Scottish Ministers who appeared before the Petitions Committee concerning PE1351 and the historical abuse issues affecting Scotland and the victim-survivors abused in the past Scottish care system, 21/12/10. FBGA have clarified a number of issues, from our perspective, that were addressed or referred too by the Scottish Government Ministers in their address to the said committee (PDF format).

PDF Document  FBGA email to petitioner of PE1351 and Jean McLellan at the Scottish Government concerning the Historical Abuse issues, 06/12/10. FBGA wish to clarify our position and make it publicly available so as to be wholely open and transparent with ALL the survivors we represent as well those we do not and all other parties, and to avoid any issue which FBGA raises being misconstruted or misrepresented by others. We are very concerned as the Petitioners of PE1351 have raised serious issues concerning the In Care Survivors Service Scotland (ICSSS), on which FBGA worked with the Scottish Government in a subgroup for over a year, as the feedback we have from Quarriers Victim survivors is contary to that position held by the Petitioners (PDF format).

 Link to the Petitions Committee regarding PE 1351, with the submissions of all the various parties including the FBGA.

PDF Document  FBGA submission regarding PE1351 to the Scottish Government's Petitions Committee, 29/11/10. FBGA believe that the historical abuse issues affecting Scotland can be resolved with the inclusion of all victim-survivors in all the processes in line with the SHRC framework document and recommendations. We call on the Scottish Government to address the issues to the benefit of the victim-survivors without causing further harm or damage (PDF format).

PDF Document FBGA submission to the Scottish Government's Petitions Committee, 12/11/10 (PDF format). FBGA have raised a number of issues with the Petitions Committee, see attached PDF, concerning the lack of progress to-date and the ongoing processes which in our view are flawed and imperfect. The processes as they currently stand do not have sufficent mandate, scope or remit to resolve the Scottish historical abuse issues to the victim-survivors benefit. In addition we have recently raised issues with Tom Shaw, Safeguarding Communities - Reducing Offending (SACRO) and the representatives of the Scottish Government concerning a number of issues including a lack of consultation, with regards SACRO's involvement and other issues which require to be resolved to the benefit of the Victim-survivors. FBGA will bring further updates in due course.

PDF Document Email to FBGA from the Survivor Scotland Team, 10/11/10. Following a specific written request from FBGA to Tom Shaw, Chair of Time To Be Heard, all former residents of Quarriers who participated in Time To Be Heard will now have the opportunity to engage with Safeguarding Communities - Reducing Offending (SACRO) regardless of where they reside. FBGA will be bringing further updates in the near future concerning Restorative Justice and SACRO. (PDF format).

PDF Document Alternative critical review of the Tom Shaw report, by Mark Smith, Senior Lecturer in Social Work, Edinburgh University. Victim narratives of historical abuse in residential child care: do we really know what we think we know? Qualitative Social Work, 27/08/10 (PDF format).

PDF Document Time to be Heard letter sent out to former Quarrier Homes residents from the Chair, Tom Shaw, 26/03/2010 (PDF format).

Notice to all former Quarriers residents. To enable you to access the pilot forum it is important that you complete the form which is at the back of your pack by 30th April 2010 and send this back to the Survivor Scotland Team, Scottish Government, Area 2ER, St Andrews House, Edinburgh EH1 3DG. You should have received a stamped addressed envelope with your pack. If you require assistance with accessing the Pilot Forum you can phone the Survivor Scotland Team on 0131 244 3633 or 0131 244 3214. If you still have difficulties please let us know and we will raise that with the team.

PDF Document FBGA's Time to Listen statement, 10/04/2010. Some guidance notes on documents and issues that you may wish to address in your submission to the commissioners in relation to the pilot forum. If you require further advice, information or support we will be pleased to assist you. Email the group at (PDF format). Html version here.

Time to Be Heard Information pack. In this pack you will see references to Time to be Heard's commitment to confidentiality, security of information and the special considerations that apply when dealing with personal information. We understand our responsibility in these matters and will shortly issue more detailed guidance. This will include information about the measures to be put in place in relation to security of information and data protection. Download the Time to be Heard information pack in PDF format here. At the back of the pack you will find an application form which you can fill in and send to Survivor Scotland Team, Scottish Government, Area 2ER, St Andrews House, Edinburgh, EH1 3DG. You should also download and complete this PDF format diversity monitoring form to send in with the application form.

PDF Document Time to Be Heard advert, April 2010 (PDF format).

PDF Document Time to Be Heard what does it mean for Quarrier's victim-survivors of historical abuse? April 2010 (PDF format).

PDF Document Time to Be Heard Remit and Status, April 2010 (PDF format).

PDF Document Time to Be Heard Roles and Responsibilities, April 2010 (PDF format).

PDF Document FBGA support this pilot forum initiative which is wholly independent of the Scottish Government and organizations including Quarriers, 19/02/10 (PDF format). HTML version here.

PDF Document Survivor Scotland invites Quarriers former residents to speak and participate in the Pilot Forum, 05/02/10. Up to 100 former residents will now be invited to speak to the Time to be Heard Pilot Forum. The Pilot Forum – consisting of a panel of independent experts – will test out one way of giving a voice to people who were in care as children by having the histories of their time in care acknowledged and recognised. Sessions will be held in private with those who choose to come forward being offered support throughout (PDF format).

PDF Document FBGA say it is Time to Listen to the true victim-survivors of Quarriers Homes institutional past abuse. We the true victim-survivors of Quarriers issue this press statement on 06/02/10 in response to yesterday's announcement by the Scottish Government and the Quarriers Trustees (PDF format). Html version here.

PDF Document FBGA's concerns regarding the Advisor Board process. The Advisor Board selection and vetting process by the Scottish Institute for Residential Childcare (SIRCC) was clearly flawed and not open or transparent to full public and victim-survivor scrutiny. Given that the selection process was selective, partial, predetermined and not independently administered, the Advisor Board appointees are not representative of a broad spectrum of the victim-survivors of abuse in the Scottish Care system. FBGA intend to highlight such corrupt or flawed practices, which effect all victim-survivors. We simply cannot, with all due respect, ignore such malpractice (PDF format).

PDF Document FBGA's briefing paper and current position with regards to the Scottish "Acknowledgement and Accountability" processes, which has recently been published in the House of Commons briefing sector magazine, under Children, Schools and Families (PDF format).

PDF Document Many of you may have received the following letter and consent form from the Scottish Institute for Residential Childcare (SIRCC) in conjunction with the Care Leavers' Association (CLA) requesting your participation in research, concerning the "Acknowledgement and Accountability" proposal. This is simply research and not the actual forum. The structure and procedures of the forum have not been agreed as such. All individuals should think carefully before providing confidential and personal information concerning their own individual abuse case to anybody with the exception of the police. Remember what happened with Dr Janet Boakes and the personal and confidential information given to her and misused against you in the courts! FBGA have provided guidance marked in red in the document which you should print off, 29/10/2009. (PDF version here )

PDF Document FBGA update and statement regarding "Acknowledgement and Accountability" 17/05/2009, and FBGA's original contribution with regard to the "Acknowledgement and Accountability" consultation, submitted to the Scottish Government on the 13th January 2009 (PDF format).

Abney Garsden McDonald Solicitors - Press Release: Largest every group claiming abuse in-care seeks redress through the English Courts, 03/02/09.

Canada's Truth and Reconciliation Commission is in trouble and struggling to come to terms with the legacy of its past by Lorraine Mallinder, BBC News, 31/01/2009.

Association of Child Abuse Lawyers highlights the "acknowledgement and accountability forum consultation" ACAL website, 27/10/08.

In Care and Institutional Abuse Support and Advocacy Service advert the Herald, 30/05/08.

PDF Document In Care and Institutional Abuse Support and Advocacy Service advert 30/05/08 (PDF format).

PDF Document Scottish Minister Adam Ingram's statement to MSP's March 2008 (PDF format).

PDF Document FBGA response to Adam Ingrams statement sent by email to all MSP's, 01/04/08 (PDF format).

PDF Document The Investigation of Historic Institutional Child Abuse handbook published by Association of Chief Police Officers (PDF format).

PDF Document Scottish Government Minister, Adam Ingram, thanks FBGA for their contribution and commitment to the In Care and Institutional Abuse subgroup, 03/03/2008 (PDF format).

PDF Document FBGA request to Adam Ingram Scottish Minister for Children and Young People, for a Judicial Inquiry into Quarriers Homes and Tom Shaw Report, 06/01/08 (PDF format).

PDF Document Petitioner PE535 and PE888's response to the Petitions Committee 04/01/2008 (PDF format).

PDF Document Tom Shaw's Historical Abuse Systemic Review published 23/11/2007 (PDF format).

FBGA seek clarification from the Systemic Review Team, 14/09/2007.

Tom Shaw's reply to the FBGA request for information regarding publication of the Historical Abuse Systemic Review, 14/09/2007.

Historical Abuse Systemic Review delayed 13/09/2007.

Email forwarded from Nancy Bell, the Systemic Review Team, August 2007.

Historical Abuse Systemic Review General Information: Young People In Residential Settings 1950 - 1995.

Points of Clarification Requested by the FBGA from the Review Team.

Email recieved from Tom Shaw re: final publication of his report, 29/11/06.

Letter sent to the Ministers and Officials of the Scottish Executive via Tom Shaw.

Email from Tom Shaw to David Whelan, 14/09/06

PDF Document Report of Independent Commission into Child Abuse in Ireland, 2006 (PDF format).

Falsely Accused Carers and Teachers (FACT) submission to Home Affairs Select Committee, 2002.

Links to legislation regarding Records of Children in Care

The Children (Scotland) Act 1995 - Regulations and Guidance

The Arrangements to Look After Children (Scotland) Regulations 1996

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