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“Time to Listen” Statement 10th April 2010

Dear ALL,

Some of you will have started receiving letters via Quarriers Charity with regards the “Time to Be Heard Pilot Forum” whereby 100 former Quarriers residents have been invited to participate in the Pilot Forum process.

FBGA welcome the Quarriers' organisation and it Trustees willingness to support the Pilot Forum at this time. FBGA do still have some concerns which we have raised with Tom Shaw and the other Commissioners and we await clarification on a number of issues, including the criteria, definition, and eligibility for access to the Pilot Forum. FBGA say it is Time for Quarriers, its Trustees and all others to Learn the Lessons and resolve these historical abuse issues to the victim-survivors benefit and provide appropriate remedies without further damage to their own Victims.

FBGA wish to support this process by offering some guidance to all those former Quarriers Homes residents who may wish to take part in the Pilot Forum.

Only you can decide what testimony you wish to share with the Commissioners and what documents you may wish to provide the Commissioners in support of your testimony. You may wish to seek independent advice on these issues outlined here.

Documents that may be helpful to the Commissioners include the following suggestions

Do you have a copy of a past School report from Quarriers Homes?

Do you wish to share confidential medical information from your GP medical notes or other confidential medical information that supports your testimony?

Have you contributed to the Tom Shaw report in the past?

Did you report any type of abuse while in the past Quarriers care? Did the carers and organisation listen and take action? What actually happened? Perhaps you may wish to share your personal and relatives experiences with the Commissioners.

What do you wish individually and collectively from the Pilot Forum Processes?

Did you suffer intimidation or victimisation by other former Quarriers Residents and others for reporting abuse to the Police and going to Court? Were you targeted simply because you chose to tell the Truth about your past time in care in Quarriers Homes? If so you may wish to inform the Commissioners of such matters in confidence.

Have we all heard or assumed in the past that Quarriers Homes was a caring and protective care establishment - Only for abuse to be taking place in the organisation at the time.

Quarriers agents have in their possession medical reports which they requested from their victims who attended a False Memory Expert, Dr Janet Boakes, at the organisations request. Have you asked yourselves the following:

As Quarriers former residents are being requested to participate in this Pilot Forum 1st, and this Pilot Forum's outcomes will be evaluated.

FBGA wish to make it clear to ALL. FBGA have no say or input into the Pilot Forum's outcomes and any final report nor deliberations, we provide this guidance on that basis.

“FBGA call for Justice, Accountability, Acknowledgement, Restitution, and Reparation for all genuine True Victim-survivors of historical in-care abuse in Scotland.”