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Email forwarded from Nancy Bell, the Systemic Review Team, August 2007.

Dear All

The review team are about to complete their work shortly and we have asked if anyone would like to comment with regards their Children's Files and your experiences and what do you think is necessary with regards these children's files etc.

Your comments and suggestions would be most gratefully received and you can send a letter or email to Nancy Bell at the Systemic Review team. The email address is:

All the best

“As to your question about possible input from individuals or the group, it will be helpful to receive comments about some writing I'm doing about historical records. In particular, I'm interested to hear the views of former residents of children's residential establishments about:

1. Why historical records are relevant to them.
2. What types of historical records are relevant?
3. Former residents' experiences with locating and accessing historical records.
4. The challenges in locating and accessing historical records.
5. What works for people who want to locate and access historical records?
6. Recommendations about historical records & children's residential establishments.

If you have any questions or comments, please let me know.

Nancy Bell

The Systemic Review Team
23 Walker Street
EH3 7HX”

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