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Quarriers inquiry expected

Greenock Telegraph, 27/11/2004

VICTIMS of sexual abuse at Quarriers expect to see a public inquiry into the scandal after more than 25 years of campaigning.

The Scottish parliament is expected to call for the inquiry next week following a successful petition by victims.

David Whelan is a member of In-care Abused Survivors, the group who campaigned for the inquiry into the abuse scandal.

He was a resident in Quarriers from the age of 11, from 1969 to 1975, and was the victim of repeated abused.

Whilst individual members of Quarrier's Village staff were convicted for the crimes, Mr Whelan says the inquiry is vitally important to establish how the crimes were allowed to happen.

Mr Whelan said: "This is a quest for the truth. It is a great step forward to know that the petition is to produce a result.

"We believe there was a cover-up of this abuse for years. There should be a public investigation into what was systematic institutionalised abuse."

Another 43-year-old victim of the abuse who lives in Inverclyde said: "I'm very pleased. There is no doubt there was systematic abuse, and that we deserve to know the truth. What happened there should be heard. Hopefully this is a start for justice."

The parliament will debate whether to hold a full public inquiry on Wednesday.

This is only the second time a public petition of this kind has prompted a debate.

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