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Belltower Beast wife kicked out of home

By Marion Scott, Sunday Mail, 08/08/2004

THE wife of the Beast in the Belltower has been kicked out of her home in Quarriers Village, where her husband abused young boys.

Helen Porteous, 63, was also ordered to stand down as treasurer of Quarriers former Boys and Girls Association after complaints by victims.

Bosses at the former children's home in Bridge of Weir, Renfrewshire, had refused to deny John Porteous would come back to live in the village on his release.

Porteous, 71, was jailed for sexually abusing two boys in his care.

But Quarriers have ordered Helen to move out of the house and she is now understood to be living in nearby Kilmacolm.

Porteous, named the Beast in the Belltower after he lured victims to wind the church clock, was a former Boys and Girls Association President.

This year he became the first paedophile to use a loophole, caused by a change in indecency laws, to have three years knocked off his sentence.

And the Sunday Mail revealed Porteous got legal aid to fight civil damages claims.

Child cruelty charges against Helen were dropped.

Last night, charity chief Phil Robinson said: "Helen Porteous was given notice to quit."

Businessman David Whelan, 42, a victim of Porteous, said: "We felt Quarriers weren't properly supporting victims by allowing the Porteous family to continue their association.

"Now matters have changed, victims can join the Boys and Girls Association. We couldn't visit the village or get closure until the Porteous spectre was removed."

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