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Pervert Army Captain And Twisted Coin Hunt Game

Officer Admits Duping Girls Who Wanted To Buy Sweet

By Gordon Currie, Daily Record, 20/10/2007.

A Shamed Army officer duped children into fondling him through a hole in his trouser pocket.

Captain Christopher Orr, 38, made girls aged seven and eight put their hands on his private parts while they were searching for loose coins.

The Scot made the girls keep playing his sick "hunt-the-coin" game even after they became upset.

The soldier, who is signed off sick from his regiment, then rewarded the children with cash for sweets.

Fiscal depute Lucy Keane told Perth Sheriff Court: "The girls were eight and seven. Orr was within the house and the girls asked for money to buy sweeties.

"He said he was happy to give them the money but told them that a game would have to be played for him to do that.

"What he did was put the coins in his trouser pocket and suggested to the girls they find the coins by putting their hands into his pockets.

"There may have been a hole in one pocket because the coins were not easily accessible.

"In the course of doing this, they touched his private parts. This caused concern and upset but it didn't prevent him continuing the game.

"He did not suggest they stop what they were doing.

"But they did stop shortly after and they got money from him and went to the shop and bought sweets

"Neither of the girls complained at the time."

But the court heard that five years later, one of the girls mentioned what had happened to her parents. They reported it to the police and Orr was arrested.

Yesterday, he admitted breaching the peace by getting the girls to touch his private parts.

Orr, formerly of Inchture, Perthshire, and now of Gilmore Place, Bruntsfield, Edinburgh, admitted the offence in Inchture in 2002.

Rosemary Scott, defending, said: "His position is that on the day, they had come to ask for money for sweets.

"He said initially he had no money but the girls put their hands in his pockets.

"There was a hole in one pocket and the money had fallen through.

"The girls were searching but there was no money to be found. The money had fallen through on to the floor. The incident was never spoken about again. His behaviour was inappropriate and he accepts that.

"Since then, he has moved away and has been away a lot with work.

"He very much regrets appearing before court."

Sheriff Fiona Tait said: "This is an offence which has a sexual aspect and as such your name will be placed on the Sex Offenders Register."

She deferred sentence for a psychiatric assessment and reports until next month.

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