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Letter from John McCormick to David Whelan

From Controller, BBC Scotland, 27/02/04

British Broadcasting Corporation
Broadcasting House
Queen Margaret Drive
Glasgow GI2 8DG
Telephone 0141 339 8844
Fax 0141 338 2200

BBC Scotland

27 Feb 2004

Dear Mr Whelan,

Thank you for your letter of 29th January 2004. I note your position and have passed a copy of your letter to the Frontline Scotland Editor.

I understand that the thrust of the programme - which was called, in fact, "Secrets or Lies", and not "Secrets and Lies" for this very reason - was to examine the difficulty in dealing with historic child abuse cases such as the one in which you were involved, rather than to accuse any individual of perjury. Hence the protection of your identity and those of the other people involved.

Yours sincerely,

John McCormick

NOTE: This clearly contradicts the emails sent by Sam Poling on the 12/02/03 and the 21/02/03 in which she claims the Frontline team have information indicating that the two accusers were not honest when giving evidence during the Porteous trial.

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