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Notes accompanying Helen Porteous BBC Frontline transcripts:

Please note the BBC has redacted this transcript, that is, they have removed or blanked out certain sections.

PDF Document The transcript (PDF format).

1. What cottage parents would take in children into their care and not read the children's past records? It does not at all sound plausible what Helen Porteous is stating regarding David Whelan on page 6. So they read them a month later?

2. It is simply not true for Mrs Porteous to state I was the eldest boy when put into the Porteous cottage 7, when I arrived, James McDonald was in fact the eldest boy. (Page 7)

3. Mrs Porteous has stated she had no reason to doubt or question her husband ever or was ever concerned about his behaviour, YET the police investigated him in 1982 after being reported by other cottage parents. (Page 9)

4. Mr and Mrs Porteous did in fact have favourite families who they treated differently such as the Henderson brothers and the Betts. (Page 5)

5. There were numerous violent confrontations between the Whelan siblings and Mr and Porteous while in their care, including the violent incident Irene Whelan informed the BBC Frontline Scotland about. Yet none are recorded in the Whelan sibling's children's records by the Porteous's. (Page 9)

6. Mr and Mrs Porteous were paid to look after and care for children who were not their own. This was the reason for there employment. (Page 8)

7. Heather Porteous has commented publicly about these matters but she was barely one year old so how was she in a position to recall or in fact have any knowledge of these matters whatsoever? (Sunday Herald article)

8. Children left with more BAGGAGE than when they arrived due to the mistreatment and abuse they had received while in Quarriers Homes. (Page 2)

9. If your husband had been charged with paedophilia crimes given his wife claims he's innocent. How would you feel towards those making the allegations? (Page 11)

10. In court I looked my abuser in the eyes, as I was no longer afraid of him and what he did to me and all the other children. It was all coming out into the open at long last. (Page 12)

11. Helen Porteous talks about how it has affected all her family does she for one minute think about the victims lives and the destruction her husband and her family have heaped and sown on the victims lives. (Page 12)

12. Sam Poling says it's so easy for someone to be convicted for paedophilia offences. Simply not true. These cases are the most difficult cases to prosecute, that is why many have not made it to court. (Page 13)

13. No one who has not abused children placed in their care has anything to fear. (Page 14)

14. John Porteous was convicted on overwhelming damming evidence in a Court of Law and upheld in the Appeal Court. (Page 14)

15. The BBC have claimed to this day that at no time did anyone at BBC Frontline Scotland accuse David Whelan of lying. What then is it exactly that Sam Poling is stating here! (Page 16)

16. To this day John Porteous has NEVER in fact challenged any of these convictions and received a reduction in sentence purely due to the fact that there was a change in the law which he was given the benefit of - no other reason.

17. Mrs Helen Porteous and her family are devious and manipulative LIARS! who along with others in the Association tried to pervert the course of justice, which included the intimidation of witnesses after the conviction of her husband in November in 2002.

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