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Samples, taken from official BBC sources, of what David Whelan informed Sonya Rothwell, BBC Frontline producer on the 19th March 2003 when Ms Rothwell contacted David Whelan on his personal mobile.

David Whelan was more than prepared to do an on camera interview and waive his anonymity given by the Court and clearly informed the BBC Frontline when Sonya Rothwell spoke with him.

You have to ask why none of these quotes/statements given by David Whelan on the 19th March 2003 to the BBC Frontline were never accurately portrayed on the programme “Secrets or Lies”?

“David Whelan notes:

“I have spoken with David Whelan. He sticks by his story and says that he would be willing to do an on-camera interview, but that he must check with his lawyer first.

“To sum up what we spoke about:

  • He maintains that the knife incident attack was against Helen Porteous because he had had the same plate of food put down in front of him 3 days in a row.
  • He said that the abuse had taken place on a number of occasions over his years in the Porteous house.
  • He claims to have told Irene many years ago, long before the charges were made.
  • He says that he has remembered many more incidents of abuse since the trial took place.
  • He says that victims were carefully selected.
  • He made the allegations after Helen Porteous got in touch with him.”

Frontline Scotland Sam Poling stated on the programme the following:

“We contacted Robert, James and Janet we asked them for an interview or even a statement. They REFUSED to comment.”

This was clearly untruthful in my case I was represented as “James” on the programme.

More updates to follow!

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