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Letter from Helen Porteous to Irene Whelan, 15/09/02

Ferguslie Flat
Faith Ave
PA11 3SX


Dear Irene,

I felt I had to write in acknowledgement of your letter plus documents.

We were very heartened by your letter. You can imagine how shocked we were to hear that David and yourself had become involved in these dreadful accusations which have been laid against us.

----/-----, ---, --------- & --- ------- have said some horrible things about John in particular altho' I believe --------- & --- have changed their stories a bit.

Nevertheless it has been a bit of a nightmare, but with support & faith we'll get through this.

I know Irene I was far from perfect, but I also know I did not do what has been said, nor did John. It has been hard for the family, but, as I said, we're getting through it.

I know & remember a little of how you came to be at Quarriers. I also know life has not been easy for you, and believe me, if it had been within our power to help more tangibly then we would have been only too willing to help any of the good folks we looked after. I have sent the documents to my lawyer.

Please do come and see us - you know we always look forward to seeing you, and we did always love when David visited.

Take care,

Love Helen, John


Note: Helen Porteous claimed that she did not know who had made allegations and the reason for contacting us was purely for support - clearly a LIE!

Note: The documents Helen Porteous is referring too are the ones sent by the Procurator Fiscal informing Irene Whelan that the case was going to trial.

Note: David Whelan had not visited Quarriers in over 20years. This was a ploy to get him to visit and get him to support the Porteous side.

Note: Identities have been omitted to protect the victims' identities.

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