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Letter from Phil Robinson to David Whelan

From Quarriers' Chief Executive, 05/10/04


Caring and support for positive living


5 October 2004

To Mr David Whelan

Dear David

Thank you for your letter dated 27 September 2004. As you know, I have already written to you about the circumstances of the production of the BBC Frontline Scotland programme 'Secrets or Lies' and have discussed it with you at our recent meeting. I feel that I have made Quarriers' position very clear and do not really have anything to add to my earlier letter. If you have reason to believe that any member of Quarriers' staff acted improperly in the making of this programme, then I would be grateful if you would inform me of the circumstances and I will investigate the matter fully.

I would, however, like to set the matter straight with regard to two issues raised in your letter. The three buildings which you mention, the flat occupied by Mr & Mrs Porteous, Mount Zion Church and Cottage 8 are indeed owned by Quarriers but at the time of the making of the Frontline Scotland programme, all three were used by other parties under the terms of leases or other forms of formal tenancy agreement. The other parties concerned were respectively Mrs Porteous, the Church congregation and the Quarriers Former Boys and Girls Association. Access to those buildings was therefore open to anyone admitted by any of those parties.

With regard to John Porteous, I have to correct your assertion that he was employed by Quarriers up until March 2000. This is inaccurate; he retired from Quarriers employment on 30 April 1998. Quarriers did not become aware of the allegations against him until 1999.

I hope this further clarifies the matters you have raised. Yours sincerely

Phil Robinson

Chief Executive

NOTE: Why then did Mrs Helen Porteous claim in correspondence to Irene Whelan that her husband John Porteous was still doing work for Quarriers up to 2000?

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