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Letter from Ray Wyre to David Whelan, June 2004


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Dear Mr Whelan

Thank you for your letter dated the 5th April. A copy of which we received on the 1st June.

I am sorry for the delay in replying but I believe that you were told that I was admitted for an emergency operation after being ill for a number of weeks. However, as I stated on the phone it is very difficult for me to answer any of the questions at this stage.

This is not to be awkward but is based upon me being called in to assess this case on behalf of Norwich Union.

As yet I am still awaiting further paperwork and a detailed letter of instruction but as far as I have been told I am being sent the full transcript of the court case. Clearly, opinion in the court context means that I need to be party to all of the facts.

In relationship to the TV programme I have again listened to the content with regard to what I said and I am very clear as to what I did say. My points are general and reflect the problems for both prosecution and defence in bringing criminal cases in historical abuse cases. They are not case specific as the problems I mention belong to all the cases that I have been involved in either from a police prosecution side or a defendant defence case.

There is nothing in what I have said that was not informed from my involvement in many cases. I still hold on to independence and even at this stage my involvement, if it should continue, with regard to Norwich Union is one where they want me to give an independent opinion based upon the facts. My comments on the tape reflect the fact that I was not speaking to an individual case but was commenting on the many difficulties that victims, witnesses and those accused have when they bring there cases into the criminal justice system.

I hope this clarifies my position. It is also important for you to know that my involvement in the case as a professional being called upon to give expert opinion within the legal system took place after my involvement in the TV programme, not before. My knowledge of the case prior to my comments on TV were very limited. However, the comments made reflect the problems experienced by all people whether they be experts, prosecution, defence, the victims making the allegations and those accused.

Yours sincerely Ray Wyre

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