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Letter from Complainant Two to the BBC, September 2003

Sunday Herald, page 4, Irene - sister of David Whelan - Secrets or Lies, 1st April 2003

Dear Sir

I watched this programme and made a tape of it!

My impression remains in my mind that this programme was to put it crudely 'a phoney' from beginning to end.

I wrote to BBC Executive and to Frontline Scotland about my views - no reply. Mrs Porteous was portrayed as a loving house mother with a crowd of toddlers around her all of them smiling. That whole scene obviously taken many years ago was typical of that look of Christianity and Respectability we all had to put up with in and out of Quarriers Homes. The face of Mrs Porteous totally resembled the harsh hard matters of the many former heads of cottages.

There were good people in this place unfortunately they did not stay long or became favourites for the luckier children.

I am glad that Irene has had the courage to speak out about her case and I hope your department responsible for the programme will help her in the future.

The evil carers still infiltrating Quarriers Homes some day will be got rid of forever

Yours Sincerely

Complainant Two

This complainant - we have re-dated contact details to protect the individuals identity.

Received a reply from Dorothy Parker Editor, Frontline Scotland, 16th Sept 2003.

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