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Letter from David Whelan to Walter Smith, Chairman Former Boys and Girls Association Quarriers, 20/07/2004

To: Mr Walter Smith
From: David Whelan
Date: 20/07/2004

Private and Confidential

Dear Walter

Thank you for your letter dated 7th July 2004.

You were quite right to point out that it would not be advisable to pass on my correspondence to your predecessor Mr John Porteous.

Thank you for clarifying this point and that Mr Porteous was your predecessor.

I did in fact mean to say to your successor in the event that you should resign from your post as the chairman of the FBGA.

I was horrified to read that you yourself believe that you have been falsely accused and sincerely trust that none of these allegations have come from any victim/survivors of abuse from Quarriers.

I will clarify that I stand by all of the correspondence sent to you and have in fact copied my solicitor on the correspondence sent to you.

I have merely asked you in your current role as Chairman of the FBGA to address serious issues which had been allowed to develop through the FBGA by the actions of your former Treasurer Mrs H Porteous, and including past and present members of the Association. This is done on behalf of the individuals I represent all registered through INCAS.

There are still some outstanding issues re: FBGA which I will address at my meeting on the 24th August 2004.

I had suggested in some of my correspondence that it would be helpful for us to meet to discuss these very serious issues. You did not respond to this suggestion.

You as current Chairman of the FBGA have a duty to ensure that any role/action undertaken by any committee member, associate member, and full member does not bring into disrepute or possible legal action.

If you believe as Chairman of the FBGA there has been a derelict of duty on the part of any committee member, associate member or full member then you have to take appropriate action.

It is my wish that you should not resign but I cannot speak on this issue on behalf of the people I represent as some of them may take a different view this is a personal choice you alone have to make.

I make no apology for raising these very serious issues on behalf of some former boys and girls who were abused both sexually and physically by former employees during there time in Quarriers. Which is based on fact and evidence and up held in law.

Yours Sincerely

David Whelan

C/o Incas

Walter Smith appears not to understand that the victims have anonymity given by the Courts!

Why is it that in our deliberations and communications, later that the Association Committee members repeatedly request us to provide fact and evidence given in a Closed Court of Law?

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