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Letter from Walter Smith, Chairman Former Boys and Girls Association Quarriers, to David Whelan, 07/07/2004

From: Walter Smith
To: David Whelan
Date: 07/07/2004

Dear David,

Thank you for your letter together with the seven (7) subscription forms which arrived Monday 5th July. Enclosed are receipts totalling £50 although the P.O.'s received were £49.

The fact that Helen Porteous is no longer our treasurer - is no longer in charge of cottage 8 - is no longer a member of our committee, it has fallen to me to acknowledge the applications and send the appropriate receipts.

I have kept your address confidential at all times as you requested, but I have no intentions of passing on information to my predecessor as you suggested as this would be John Porteous, however, I may have to consider your request to my successor in some future date which may not be that far off since I have been falsely accused in recent correspondence and totally misunderstood.

Trust you and your colleagues will be happy as members of the Former Boys and Girls Association.

Yours sincerely,

Walter Smith

At no time was Walter Smith accused of any crime. We merely raised the serious issues with the elected chairman of the association. Walter Smith appeared not to understand the severity and seriousness of the issues. There may be other reasons why he was reluctant to deal with them.

Walter Smith threatens to resign after being confronted with the fact that members of the Association have been involved in the intimidation of witnesses after the conviction of ex-employees of Quarriers' Homes. We discover sometime later that in fact Mrs Porteous is still in charge of Cottage 8 when we go to make a booking for a meeting at Quarriers.

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