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Letter from David Whelan to Phil Robinson, Chief Executive of Quarriers, 27/07/2004

From: David Whelan
To: Mr Phil Robinson
Date: 27/07/2004

Dear Mr Robinson

I trust you had a pleasant holiday. Enclosed is a letter sent to Walter Smith.

A potentially embarrassing and disastrous situation arose recently when I called cottage 8 to inquire as to room availability.

Mrs H Porteous is still working and representing for the FBGA when we had clearly been informed of other wise in a letter sent by Walter Smith to myself. I enclose a copy of the letter dated the 7th July 2004.

Walter has assured me that he will investigate the matter.

I have stressed upon him and the FBGA for trust and confidence to prevail there needs to be transparency and honesty on both sides in all of our dealings.

On a separate issue I have raised with Pam Barr that some of the information that I believe should be contained in my children's file re Quarriers there appears to be omissions that I believe should or may have been recorded at the time. Pam Barr has assured me that I have the complete file.

I have sent instructions to Cameron Fyfe re this issue and he may be in contact some time in the future either with Quarriers directly or through your solicitors.

Can you confirm to me that the 24th August 2004 meeting that is arranged confirmed.

Yours Sincerely

David W Whelan

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