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Letter from Walter Smith, Chairman Former Boys and Girls Association Quarriers, to David Whelan, 14/05/2004

From: Walter Smith, Chairman Former Boys and Girls Association Quarriers.
To: David Whelan
Date: 14/05/2004

Dear David,

Thank you for your letter, which should have been dated 9th April and not March as your original letter was in fact dated 22nd March.

Unfortunately your letter arrived late and secondly, I had to collect it from Muirend Sorting Office. Maybe the confusion was created by the detailed address that was on the envelope.

Enclosed is a stamped addressed envelope giving you the only details that are required when writing to me and please David, there is no need to send letters by recorded delivery. I was horrified to realise the cost incurred by you in sending these letters, which incidentally had three postmarks on the latest one with the final date being 24th April even though your letter was dated the 9th.

Please find enclosed our Constitution. I am sorry for the delay in sending same as I had to get a re-print.

I cannot understand the comments you make about "no mention of the issues raised in your previous letter". Your previous letter was simply a follow up of our telephone conversation, which was stating facts only, facts that I endeavoured to answer in our conversation such as the fact that none of us are professionals i.e., Social Workers, Lawyers, Medics or even Clergymen etc. The only way to change the committee members is democratically at the A.G.M. each September, with no professional expertise and financial backing there is no way we can take on board the issues and statements that you mentioned in our previous conversation.

Everyone has a right to their own opinion and on how they view the whole scenario but if the Association was to come down on one side or the other there would be one almighty split which would lead to the end of the Association and subsequent heartache for and disappointment.

As I do not have your telephone number David, perhaps you could give me a call anytime between 6.00pm - 7.00pm or between 10.00pm - 11.00pm when we could have a further chat and maybe clear up any misunderstandings.
Trust that you are keeping well and coping in your busy schedule.

Kindest regards,

Walter Smith

The evidence and the facts are that the Association did lend support and assistance to a convicted paedophile, it's former chairman.

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