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Victim support framework document.

H.M. Aitken (10 May 2006)

Explanatory Notes:

1.  The Helpline should be the first point of contact, with trained personnel able to direct a victim to the appropriate Section in the support organisation.

2.  The organisation should be established on a national basis with strong and effective c  ommunication links between each location to allow for the free flow of good ideas for improvement and sharing experiences, so that personnel are able to learn from each other in a supportive environment.

3.  Each of the sections in the organisational structure should be staffed with fully trained, qualified advisors with the relevant experience in their own domain of responsibility.

4.  The opportunity to integrate with other relevant agencies should at all times be encouraged and an effective access route to these agencies facilitated.

5.  Any approach made for support should be strictly confidential at all times and each victim should be assured of anonymity at all times. Case records and reports must be held secure and their access strictly monitored.

6.  Adherence to good practice should be maintained at all times by the organisation and all support personnel.

7.  An effective monitoring, supervisory, investigating and reporting system should be implemented in which all support personnel should be included.

8.  An effective research and training regime would be necessary in order to ensure that personnel are continually kept apprised of new developments in support provision. This would equip them to identify when things are not working properly so that corrective action can quickly be taken, or in cases where a further referral may be necessary.

9.  It is imperative that the image portrayed to the public should be of an organisation that is credible, professional and adheres to the highest possible quality standards.

10.  It would also be useful to have access to a representative (former resident) of each Scottish Care Organisation in order to bring their particular knowledge to bear.

11.  In order to achieve such an integrated organisation with this form and function, it is important that it is properly resourced in every way.

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