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Update to all members to keep you informed about recent events concerning FBGA.


Dear FBGA Members,

  1. Two founding members of the group attended a Survivors Conference in Airth, Scotland.
  2. This Survivors Conference was organised by the Scottish Executive who extended an invitation to the founding member of FBGA to enable us to attend. The two FBGA members who attended found the conference informative and helpful in understanding current thinking with regard to survivor groups, relevant professionals and services being proposed - or likely to be discussed - by the Scottish Executive for all victims of abuse from all walks of life including all past institutions.
  3. There are further discussions planned with Scottish Executive officials in the near future.

We from FBGA will be discussing some of the following although this does not preclude any other item not listed here that we may decide to raise.

  1. The full inclusion of the FBGA Group in any relevant proposals put forward by the Scottish Executive in the future.
  2. The full inclusion of all groups who have represented in-care abuse survivors previously and who are excluded from this process currently.
  3. How the FBGA group can be involved in the processes and how we can facilitate that involvement with the assistance of the Scottish Executive officials.
  4. Proposals the FBGA group have in relation to matters concerning all survivors and in particular the Quarriers Homes survivors.
  5. Possible exploratory discussions with other individuals and groups.
  6. Research issues concerning survivors.
  7. Long term representation on inspection teams.
  8. Listening to and examining the Scottish Executive's proposals and assessing how they will benefit all survivors or otherwise.
  9. Terms and procedures for our involvement and the involvement of those individuals the FBGA nominate to represent our issues.
  10. Possible future development plans, education programmes, rehabilitation of offenders and victim statements.
  11. The way forward.
  12. Possible solutions and possible outcomes.
  13. How FBGA achieve our AIMS!
  14. Any other business.

We will approach any discussions and all the issues in a constructive and pragmatic way at this stage of the process just as we have always tried to do in the past, but with some difficulty due to the obstructive methods applied by others. We will listen and take away any proposals that involve further deliberations.

We believe there may be opportunities and processes that we in the FBGA could contribute to going forward. We will remain focused on the issues as we see them as a group. The Founding members and those nominated by them will undertake this work on behalf of the aims of the FBGA group.

These discussions are solely on survivor issues and services going forward, and how we may be able to contribute and be included as a group and further the issues for all survivors of abuse. These discussions may be difficult and may result in progress and, in some cases, may not.

We will remain independent and open-minded and will seek help and support and a resolution to the issues that matter on behalf of those in the FBGA group.

We expect the parties that we enter into dialogue with to have a genuine desire to resolve the issues for the betterment and welfare of all victim/survivors and would hope that they engage constructively and are committed to resolutions that benefits all survivors.

We in the FBGA group may have to make difficult choices going forward and it may be that we choose to pursue our own independent route in some or all instances.

We, the founding members in FBGA, will nominate those we wish to represent our issues and inform all the individuals and parties in writing. Those nominated will be required to report back fully and furnish minutes or other documentation to the FBGA group who they are representing in any discussions and deliberations.

This participation process is currently under review by the group to avoid any misunderstanding on the part of those nominated or the other parties who may be involved in the discussions and deliberations in the future.

We in FBGA would expect anyone nominated to represent the FBGA group and who is alleging abuse to have been perpetrated on them as individuals while in Quarriers Homes to have reported their individual case to the Police.

We would expect them as a condition of being a nominated representative of FBGA to have reported their individual case to the Scottish Police in the first instance!

We of course would wish to guard against FALSE ALLEGATIONS impacting on the group as a whole. We in FBGA do not wish anyone to represent us as a group who has a criminal conviction either!

We the Founding members of FBGA reserve the right to take any action and decision we deem necessary in the interests of the FBGA and AIMS of the FBGA group as a whole.

If anyone in the group wishes to contribute an item for possible inclusion and discussion please email your contribution to

What will not be discussed or under consideration at these meetings is the following:

  1. Timebar
  2. Compensation
  3. Judicial Inquiry into Quarriers Homes.

These are being dealt with as separate issues by the FBGA group.

Kind regards
The Founding Members of FBGA.

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