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Email from David Whelan to the FBGA membership regarding the Survivors Scotland Conference, 28/02/07

Dear All

To all those who wished to attend the Survivors Scotland Conference on the 28th February 2007 in Airth, Scotland, but were unable to due to the limited number of places allocated by the Scottish Executive.

We had no option but to nominate those who founded the FBGA group in 2002/2003. This was my decision. I felt it was the most appropriate course to take due to the numbers requesting to attend from our group.

We value and appreciate all the input and work done by all those who have contributed to the work that the FBGA has been involved in since its formation.

There will be further discussions on how to progress the work and national strategy for survivors of childhood sexual abuse being undertaken by the Scottish Executive, and others, for those abused in-care, and we hope you will all continue to contribute to this valuable piece of research and help to find solutions that benefit those abused in Quarriers Homes.

We will keep you fully informed of developments as they progress and, in addition, we will consult and seek opinions from those in the group on any proposals put forward.

As a group we will of course continue to call for a Judicial Inquiry in to the past abuse in Quarriers Homes.

Kind regards

David Whelan


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