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Letter to Sheila Logan, Chair Former Boys and Girls Association

FBGA try to reconcile differences with Association to no avail.

Mrs Shelia Logan
52B Moss Road
Bridge of Weir
PA11 3LS

16th August 2006

Dear Shelia

I personally would like to thank you for allowing Harry Aitken to represent us in hopefully coming to some sort of reconciliation and agreement on the serious issues that these matters have raised by the actions of past members including Committee members of the Association.

I want to state for the record that at no time have I personally harassed any individual of the Association. We have merely raised serious concerns with its elected representatives and will continue to do so.

The past actions of some of the Association membership including the intimidation of witnesses after court convictions and supporting convicted paedophiles has been unacceptable to us and always will be.

These individuals have engaged in personal activities not compatible with the Aims of the Association or Quarrier's, in our view. The Association should have dealt with the matters robustly and distanced themselves from this group's activity.

Without wishing to go over old ground the reason we are in this position today is of no fault of the former boys and girls abused in Quarriers Homes. It squarely lies with the Association and their failure to deal with the serious issues appropriately raised by us at the time.

We wished to resolve these issues some time ago to the benefit of all the former boys and girls but it became evident to us that perhaps it was not the appropriate time for both parties given the difficulties in trying to resolve the issues.

There has to be the will and good faith by both parties for there to be an acceptable resolution to the issues.

We reserve the right to highlight these abuse issues in the media and on our website and any matters pertaining to the issues as the group who represent those abused in Quarriers Homes at any time of our choosing.

David Whelan

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