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Former Boys And Girls Abused
Quarriers Former children attack the hypocrisy of the "Save the Church Committee".

Having watched the programme about the Mount Zion Church we are left disgusted by the sheer arrogance and hypocrisy of those who appeared in person on the programme in the name of  "Save the Church".

They are nothing but a bunch of hypocrites who are mired in the current scandal engulfing Quarriers Homes; former employees mired in a paedophile scandal with both a brother and husband convicted.

This same group of individuals claim to represent the wider interests of William Quarrier and this is the very same group who support convicted paedophiles. These former children of Quarriers have benefited from the patronage of Quarriers Homes by further education, jobs, and other benefits in the past and in other ways financially.

How many other former Children had further education paid for by Quarriers? How many of us were allowed to use Quarriers premises for our business interests?

How many former children or children of ex-employees were allowed to rent property off Quarriers or buy property from Quarriers?

Ask yourselves how many children benefited from Quarriers after they left its care.

Perhaps if we had been associated with these former employees and Directors of Quarriers Homes and given these benefits we would support this group.

Sorry, but no one will convince us that William Quarrier condoned the sexual and physical abuse of children placed in Quarriers Homes.

The Dunbar's, both former employees, make comments with regards to those who are buying property in Quarriers Village; perhaps they should look no further than themselves and the other ex-employees in the Village.

We heard of nothing that would benefit any former Quarriers children not in "Save the Church". Did you hear anything about them assisting children in care today or other vulnerable adults today? The only benefit will be to those in this group commercially.

We believe it is for Quarriers to decide and plough the proceeds back into the care sector and we will certainly, as we have today, voice our concerns in the future regarding this misrepresentation by others.


Former Boys And Girls Abused of Quarriers Homes
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