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An open letter

To all the Association Committee Members & all the Ordinary and Associate Members of the Former Boys and Girls Association of Quarriers Homes based at cottage eight Quarriers Village.

We are conveying our message to you today and would appreciate it if you take the time to read this Open Letter. As some of us who were Former Boys and Girls of Quarriers Homes and have been previously registered with this Association at the request of the Former Chairman of Quarriers, to use current routes which we did but to-date we have been unable to get our message across to you.

We would ask everyone to reflect upon the extraordinary circumstances that some Former Boys and Girls of Quarriers Homes have found themselves in due to no fault of their own.

We would ask that in the future the Association Committee and its members take on board the different stories of the Quarriers Homes of the past. This would be a true reflection of all the different experiences encountered in the Quarriers Homes of the past down the generations.

I was asked by some former boys and girls to represent them, which I have done so with my best efforts and I have raised their concerns and issues in writing with the current Chairman Fred Fifer and the past Chairman Walter Smith and the current committee members to no avail.

Last year we put some proposals forward and a suggestion for a meeting on numerous occasions on behalf of these former boys and girls with the Association Chairmen past and present. Which we believe would have helped resolve some of the outstanding issues again to no avail. This would have also prevented most of the adverse publicity that Quarriers of today have received due to these Court cases and convictions. To no avail.

To date some of these issues and concerns remain outstanding and some of the present members and past committee members have failed to remain impartial in relation to some of these recent Court cases. Including using a Quarriers property given in perpetuity to the Association in support of a convicted paedophile.

It is not our wish or those former boys and girls who we have been asked to represent to seek to embarrass but to educate others who claim otherwise to know the facts and evidence. We the victims/survivors were brought into these Court cases because we chose to tell the truth re: our experience in Quarriers Homes.

We were only requesting that in future any Association, which claims to be representative of all Former Boys & Girls truly reflects and represents all the Former Boys & Girls regardless as to-date it has failed to do so.

For as long as you continue to chose the current path and not resolve these issues and represent all the children of Quarriers Homes in-care in the past to the benefit of all the Former Boys & Girls we will continue highlighting these issues in the media and on our website whenever the opportunity arises. Over the coming months the public will have the other story re: Quarriers Homes as you have failed to reflect this truthfully and accurately to-date.

It is now our intention over the coming months to expose those also who engaged themselves in attempting to Pervert the Course of Justice and others who construed a miscarriage of justice where none existed in law in support of a convicted paedophile and their connections.

It is not our intention to prove the guilt of these individuals to your Association or any other body or individual, the Courts have already determined that these individuals were guilty and in some cases upheld convictions in the Appeal Court.

The damage to the reputation Quarriers of today and the desecration of William & Mary Quarriers memory was caused by the paedophiles ex-employees who chose to abuse children in their care both physically and sexually and were found guilty in Courts of Law not the innocent victims. This has included individuals associated with your past organisation.

(Former Boys and Girls Abused) of Quarriers Homes
Mount Zion Church
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