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Not told of rights

Thank you for the latest copy of FACTION. It is very good to know that people like yourselves really care and fight for our cause. It was good to see that you were in the forefront of when a recent conviction was squashed at the Court of Appeal. It gives those of us who are still in prison hope the comfort that the fight for for righteousness is still there.

I thought our legal system in Scotland was good, but sadly I have been disappointed with some of the underhand ways in which justice was done. The police method of trawling for witnesses is criminal and the way they question them and put put words into their mouths is nothing but abusive to the system, and very unprofessional. The practice should be investigated and reported back to the Judicial system. Some lawyers are also making a farce of the justice system by telling some clients that they can get criminal injuries compensation if they say they were abused in care. (I have information that this has happened).

My wife and I gave nearly 30 years of caring for young and old and were accused and charged with abuse, something we have never done - and we are not guilty.

The Court system, although they try to be fair did not tell my wife or I our rights, when to question our lawyer on a point we did not agree with, and when to ask our QC to put questions to our accusers. This would have given the jury a fuller insight as to what the accusers were doing. Fortunately my wife was acquitted all all charges. I am very bitter at the system and like many carers feel that if nothing is done to prevent false allegations then the prisons will be filled with innocent people - all because of GREED.

Thank you for your interest and concern. Give the team my kind regards.

John Porteous 77105

A Hall 1-7
HMP Invernethie
South Road
AB42 6YY

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