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Media Statements made by Quarriers

The assertion that the Quarriers charity of today is a different organisation from the past as claimed by the Current Chief Executive Mr Phil Robinson has to be questioned since this has also been claimed in the past by senior management.

We are aware that when similar statements were made in the media in the past abuse was being perpetrated by employees on children at the time.

A former General Director Dr James Minto said in 1984 in the Sunday Mail and I quote:

"The 1948 social work act began drastic changes to safeguard children. Children in Quarriers today can go to a variety of staff if they have any grievances, corporal punishment is not permitted and mental cruelty by staff will be dealt with immediately."

He was also claiming at the time in 1984 that Quarriers Homes, the organisation, was also a different organisation.

We also are aware of the fact that Dr James Minto a former Director of Quarriers held a meeting at the home of Jan McQueenie with Doris Black present also to dissuade both of them not to continue highlighting abuse in Quarriers in the Sunday Mail 1984. Pressure was brought to bear for them to discontinue.

Quarriers Homes were concerned about the adverse publicity in the Sunday Mail at the time as later that year the launch of a book by Anna Magnusson "The Village" about life in Quarriers Homes was being published.

It has been proven and it is clearly demonstrated by these court cases that abuse was happening up to and beyond the time of this statement and, as it has over the decades, the culture of concealment has prevailed again at Quarriers Homes Bridge of Weir.

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