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FBGA response to article in the Guardian Society on Historical Abuse in Children's Homes

Dear Guardian Society

I read with interest your comments about Historical Child Abuse in Care Homes, History Revision, 29/11/2006

One has to ask why groups like FACT (falsely accused carers and teachers) and others are given such amplified voices in promoting their issues including having unfettered access to Select Committees in Parliament (Home Affairs 2004) on the issues.

Where are the voices of the victims/survivors in all of this debate? The establishment/professionals do not wish to address there past failings in their duty of care to children in-care.

The debate is monopolised by the other side defending those convicted in our Courts including convictions upheld in the Appeal Courts. These groups and individuals representing their issues such as Dr Janet Boakes (allegedly a False Memory Expert) and others use overwhelming capacity to drown out our voices.

We the victims are denied this same unfettered access to Parliament and its representatives and the Media.

In the meantime the Establishment and today's professionals fail to address the real issues of the Victims/Survivor, this includes the Media.

There is clear evidence to suggest that some of those convicted of such crimes as Child Abuse are actually in denial as are there families including some members of FACT. It's a tactic used to great effect by Paedophiles.

These individuals, their families and supporters have used and engaged in other illegal tactics, such as intimidation of witnesses after Court Convictions by supporters and family of John Porteous a FACT member, which had to reported back to the Greenock police.

The figures put out of the Miscarriages of Justice by FACT and others on what basis are these figures arrived at.

I am sure if you were to confirm with the Criminal Cases Review Commission they will confirm the figures quoted are not a true and accurate figure or quote by FACT and others. Again it's a distortion of the true picture to benefit those convicted.

We ask that you look at our website and see the issues that we as a Group who were abused in-care are faced with in dealing and addressing the issues of the Victim/Survivors.

I have personally in the past challenged FACT directly on the misrepresentation of the issues and in particular one of its members and their family and the intimidation of witnesses.

Seven ex-employees to-date from the care organisation called Quarriers Homes in Scotland have been convicted of the Sexual and Physical Abuse of Children in care: with other criminal trials pending.

Let me also say this abuse was reported by many of these children while in-care in the past to the management of the day of the Quarriers Organisation. Some of those recently convicted had also been previously investigated by the police in the 1980s including a FACT member (John Porteous).

We also say that anyone found to have made False Allegations should be prosecuted with the full force of the law brought to bear.

We would ask that you publish this article on our behalf and acknowledge the real damage done to VICTIMS by the abusers and their continual denial!

Yours Sincerely


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