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This letter was sent by Heather Porteous to a victim after the conviction of her father John Porteous.

Heather Porteous accuses the Police and a victim of offering the victims an incentive of money!

"Dear ----,

Words cannot really express what I am feeling right now I just felt that I had to write to you. I can only hope that you are feeling pleased with yourself by the part you played in sending an innocent old man to prison. You and I both know that if the incentive of money given to you by ---- ----- and the Police Force had not been there then you wouldn't have inflicted this on either yourself or my family. A family, may I add who cared for about you when no one else did.

We will never understand why you did what you did because you and I know that what you all said happened, didn't.

----, you were like a sister to me but something turned your head, I can only guess who. Take care of yourself, ---- and the boys. We will continue to fight to clear my dad's name as more and more people come forward in his support against his accusers.

May you all live in repentance for the rest of your lives.


We say this was an illegal act and intimidation by Heather Porteous. No one should have contacted any witnesses/victims involved in a court case after a trial.

To accuse the police of offering victims money would also appear to be a tactic of the Porteous family and their supporters; if all else fails accuse the police but do not accept your father/husband's guilt!

Over the coming months we will reveal names and letters of others who contacted and intimidated witnesses in this case after the trial of John Porteous.

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