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Harry Aitken writes to Shelia Logan/Paterson at the Association on behalf of the FBGA, 15/08/06

Sheila Paterson
52B Moss Road
Bridge of Weir
PA11 3LS

Dear Sheila,

Further to our telephone conversation on the evening of 14 August 2006, may I say thank you for listening to the proposals put to you for the reconciliation between the Association and the FBGA which have arisen over the recent past and for being so understanding of the rationale for such proposals?

It was very encouraging to hear that there is no substantive disparity between the objectives of the Association for reconciliation of any differences that may exist between the parties in these issues and the proposals we discussed. It was also heartening to learn that you roundly support an all-inclusive policy by the Association.

With the Association AGM pending on 9 September 2006, it seems an opportune time for the Association Committee to take a very positive lead in this matter, to bridge the divides which may have arisen and to re-establish a unified approach to the mechanism of communication for all Former Boys & Girls of Quarriers. The real strength of the Association lies in the channelling of peoples energies to the betterment of all the Former Boys and Girls and any support made available to those ex-Quarriers adults who may need it.

With these points of agreement in mind, it would be very helpful for the Association to make a public statement, something along these lines:-

1.The Association, fully acknowledge that abuse of some children by certain employees of Quarriers did take place throughout the generations.
2.The Association, fully accept the decisions of the Scottish courts in cases of child abuse that have been proven.
3.The Association dissociate themselves from that abuse and from any individual who was convicted in the courts of such abuse.
4.No individual who has been convicted of such crime or engaged in criminal activity where proven is permitted to be a member of the Association or to have any involvement directly or indirectly in the Association.
5.The Association welcomes as a member, without fear or prejudice, any ex-Quarriers boy or girl, including those who have been victims of such abuse or who have been involved in bringing court action against ex-employees of Quarriers.
6.The Association will offer to support as far as is practicable, to any victim of abuse, or will direct them to a more appropriate agency that can provide specialised support, consistent with their needs.

In order for this statement to achieve the widest possible exposure and impact, it would be useful and extremely helpful if it was posted to the Association web site, Warriors web site, FBGA website, and in the newsletter of the Association.

It is my strong belief that we must all work together to ensure the most effective running of the Association, to enhance its membership and to re-establish the Association as the focal point for fun, understanding, mutual support and the strengthening of the unique ties that exist between the various groups of the family of ex-Quarriers children.

Please do not hesitate to contact me to discuss any point in this letter.

Kind regards,

Harry Aitken


Points 1-6 in our view were not unreasonable in any shape or form and any reasonable organisation who claims to have the interests of all former boys and girls as its true objective as has been stated by the Association. Would have in our view responded positively to our numerous gestures for reconciliation.

Harry has informed the FBGA that the Association were not prepared to adopt points 1-6 or publish them and had, in fact, rejected our overtures and proposals for reconciliation. We ask you who and what they represent?

In the coming months it is now our intention to put into the public domain all the issues as we see them with regards the Association including our past efforts for reconciliation over the past few years. Which would have benefited all the Former Boys and Girls.

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