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Update from FBGA, following a meeting with Scottish Officials

These are the points put forward by the FBGA group, the details discussed at the meeting and we will require some time to assess possible solutions, suggestions and options for the group.

  • As you are aware and reiterated by me at the meeting we in FBGA would wish to retain our complete independence as a group involved in the issues and not compromise our stated Aims and Objectives as a group going forward.
  • As discussed we explored the possibility of setting up a group composed of professionals (some from the Reference Group) and Victim/Survivors from various past residential institutions which would include representatives of FBGA and a member of "Who Cares Scotland".
  • On behalf of FBGA I stated we would also like to see other professionals (currently not in the Reference Group) who currently take a keen interest in matters concerning "Historical Abuse Survivors" in Scotland and elsewhere involved who could contribute to the wider debate and the issues that affect all "Historical Abuse Survivors" and would like to put forward possible suggestions how that can be achieved by these individuals inclusion.
  • We explored a potential/possible leading agency (Who Cares Scotland), who FBGA have mooted in the past as a possible lead agency who may take on a leading role with regards matters concerning "Historical abuse victim/survivors".
  • This requires further detailed discussions around a number of issues and options including full funding and in addition if "Who Cares Scotland" wish to take on such a remit in the future and the likely impact on their organisation which would include the following: "Who Cares Scotland", other parties and individuals and FBGA.
  • FBGA would like to explore other possible options including partnerships and we do not rule out any other possible options/solutions which would benefit all historical victim/survivors with joined up thinking and joined up work.
  • The group proposed remit would require agreement. We would ask that this remit allow for full discussion within the group of all matters pertaining to all "Historical Abuse Survivors".
  • I reiterated also on behalf of FBGA that it is our stated position as its with some leading QC's in the Scottish Law Commission that "All Historical Abuse in-care victim/survivors" should be classed and deemed a separate group of vulnerable individuals and given that the Scottish Parliament debated extensively on these specific matters concerning in-care historical abuse victims/survivors in Parliament in December 2004.
  • I also stated the following: This particular group of vulnerable adults should be given separate funding and space within the development fund and if necessary funding should be set aside for this particular group of Historical Abuse Victim/Survivors until such times as matters are resolved through the subgroup to the benefit and welfare of all Historical victim/survivors.
  • We would like to see ultimately the inclusion of all those "Historical Abuse in-care victim/survivors" especially those excluded from the processes to-date through no fault of there own.
  • In the meantime we will consult with the FBGA members and (I) we would require a clear mandate from the FBGA group and the founding members before a decision is arrived at concerning our possible full participation and further engagement going forward.

On behalf of the founding members of FBGA.

Comments and suggestions please return to whereby they can be considered.

FBGA - Former Boys and Girls Abused in Quarriers Homes

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