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FBGA outline position paper re: sub-group set up by Scottish Executive.


  • The FBGA's position is that the role of any service provider going forward for adult survivors is that it must be completely independent of any of the care organisations such as Barnardo's, Quarriers, the Catholic Church or Kerelaw.

  • We believe that there should be no barriers and that it should be a one-stop, independent, inclusive service with an ongoing referral system for all adult survivors regardless of what institution they were in. The service provider may have a number of outlets nationally.

  • There should be a helpline giving information and support for adult survivors. Information about their legal, compensation and other rights and responsibilities. Information concerning survivor groups.

  • The FBGA's preferred option is an organisation that currently has a role and remit in assisting children in care that could be extended to provide for adult in-care survivors (Who Cares Scotland for example).

  • Any such organisation should incorporate adult survivor's views and have the ability to listen to opinions going forward so that it can be inclusive of all survivors. It should enable adult survivors to make informed choices going forward and promote positive aspects of being a survivor.

  • Campaign for change and improved practices in care organisations that are dealing directly with adult survivors issues (children's files for example).

  • Help policy makers formulate best practice concerning aftercare and other issues with regard to adult survivors. Take best practice from other countries that have dealt with survivor's issues.

  • Promote Survivors websites and issues independently.

  • Fulfil previous commitments made in the Scottish Parliament on 01/12/2004 by officials and MSPs and in subsequent meetings and discussions.

  • Adequate funding going forward for adult survivor issues.

  • Enable survivors and the survivor groups to remain true to their original aims and objectives within any sub-group, with reference to national aims and objectives.

  • Enable experts and professionals in their chosen fields to give discussions/talks on issues of importance to the adult survivors (such as time bar and the Scottish Law Commission).

  • Promote and formulate a strategy for the rehabilitation of offenders.

  • Challenge views and formulate a strategy to counter media accusations that are damaging to survivors (such as FACT and FASS) and the perceived view that there are hundreds of falsely accused carers.

  • The FBGA's position is that any reconciliation with care organisations should remain an individual choice for survivors although we would encourage such reconciliation. We would not take a position on it as a group.

  • All sub-group meetings to be minuted as a record.

  • Bring together adult survivors, professionals and other interested parties across the board in Scotland and elsewhere (conference for in-care survivors set up by the survivors?).

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