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We are of the Opinion that it is incumbent for the Scottish Executive to authorise a Full Judicial Public Inquiry into Quarriers Homes of the past for the following reasons:

  1. There is evidence to suggest that children in–care in Quarriers Homes reported sexual and physical abuse only for the perpetrators to be allowed to continue working with children and vulnerable young adults.
  1. Young employees also reported other employees for sexually abusing them; again the perpetrators were allowed to continue to carry on working with vulnerable children.
  1. There is evidence to suggest that this abuse has taken place down the generations within Quarriers Homes and has been covered up by former senior management of Quarriers Homes.
  1. We are concerned that convicted paedophiles were being allowed to return within the vicinity of Quarriers Village where vulnerable young adults are still cared for by Quarriers Charity.
  1. We fail to understand to this day how Quarriers of today's property can be used in support of a convicted paedophile. We also fail to understand how Quarriers of today can announce in the media that they will allow a convicted paedophile to return and deal with them on their release as a community safety issue.
  1. We believe there should be more stringent controls over which individuals/organisations use or lease Quarriers property and for what purposes, thereby safeguarding the children cared for by Quarriers Charity.
  1. It is important also that we, along with others that were brought up in care in Quarriers Homes, recognise that there were many decent, good and kind Christian Carers who did not abuse children but sadly and regrettably other carers who did.
  1. We are of the opinion that we must expose publicly those who have been convicted and their family and supporters who continue to claim that these are false allegations and construe with others to claim a miscarriage of justice were none exists in Law and attempt to pervert the course of justice by their actions.

Over the coming weeks & months we will release on to the FBGA website the other story re: Quarriers Homes of the past in the form of letters, personal accounts, and media articles if you wish to submit any article please send them to us by email.

(Former Boys And Girls Abused) of Quarriers Homes
Mount Zion Church
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