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The Association of Quarriers Homes, accuse the FBGA of stealing the FBGA name!

The Association of Former Boys and Girls of Quarriers Homes have accused David Whelan and the FBGA of "stealing" the FBGA name.

For the avoidance of doubt please note the following:

Both FBGA Ltd and Former Boys and Girls Abused Ltd are registered limited companies. Should anyone require confirmation of these facts please feel free to contact Companies House.

The domain names are also legally registered. There has been no legal challenge to our ownership and it has never been disputed.

This is just another attack by a discredited Association on the integrity and honesty of FBGA and David Whelan in particular.

This Association claims to represent all former boys and girls, which it incidentally does not. To-date it has supported convicted paedophiles and had some convicted from its own ranks. Others are under investigation. It has launched previous false allegations including in the media since 2002 on the survivors of abuse committed in Quarriers Homes.

It is our intention to respond and defend FBGA and the victim survivors who we represent in a robust and forthright manner now and in the future from any attacks on our group's honesty and integrity or individual victim survivors coming from the Association or any one associated with it and any other parties.

We will no longer remain silent and will expose those trying to intimidate us and silence us!


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