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To: Mr David Whelan



Subject: Re: Mr John Porteous and Mrs Helen Porteous in response to the May 2004 article

Date: 04/08/2005 10:58:24 GMT Standard Time


Dear Mr Whelan,

Thank you for your email concerning an article on the FACT website.

Your email has come through to me, editor of FACTion, but refers to a piece on the website rather than in our publication, FACTion. I am, therefore going to forward your email to Mr Michael Barnes who is the Secretary of FACT and responsible for the website.

You may be interested to read one of our leaflets, 'Who We Are, What We Do', and I attach a .pdf file beneath. (If your computer had Adobe Acrobat Reader you can access it; if it doesn't the program is available as a free download from

On a personal the last sentence of your email you state, "Fact should also recognise that there are victims/survivors who were abused by individuals."

We recognise that, tragically, some children are abused - including sadly by some carers and teachers. Abuse of children and vulnerable adults is always wrong. Those who abuse children deserve to be punished.

Indeed we would accept that until the State and professionals accept the reality of false abuse allegations children cannot be effectively protected. What matters in any investigation of abuse is the truth.

All applicants for membership are required to warrant that they are innocent of any form of abuse, and that any allegations made against them are false.

We have no business with abusers and are satisfied that they be investigated properly, prosecuted and, if proved guilty, sentenced appropriately.

I hope Michael is able to assist you. Should you need to resend your email he is at

David Sherwell

Editor, FACTion.

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