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From: Mr David Whelan

Subject: Re John Porteous and Mrs Helen Porteous in response to the May 2004 article

Date: 03/08/2005 18:17:14 GMT Standard Time


Dear Fact,

I came across an article by Helen Porteous May 2004 on your website.

I wish to clarify the following:

1.  I was not trawled by the police I was contacted by Mrs Helen Porteous at my home in London.

2.  John Porteous was first investigated in 1982 by the police for allegedly abusing a boy at the time this is not 35 years ago.

3.  Mr and Mrs Porteous chose to go into the media participating in a programme "Secrets or Lies" BBC Frontline Scotland 1st April 2003 construing an alleged miscarriage of justice with others where none existed in Law.

4.  It is all very well Mrs Porteous referring to the media attention on Quarriers but this was Mr and Mrs Porteouses doing the victims had anonymity.

5.  My sister and I chose to relinquish this anonymity due to the misleading portrayal of her interview and other statements made in support of me for "Secrets or Lies" and the failure of the programme makers to remain impartial, accurate and balanced while reporting the facts in relation to John Porteous and this particular case and omitting key facts already in the public domain.

6.  Mr and Mrs Porteous and family and supporters chose to tell the public their version but again omit facts pertaining to Mr and Mrs Porteous and family.

7.  The victims have every right to highlight the false allegations being made against them and refute those allegations and to hold those responsible for alleging that we are liars and expose these falsehoods and the perpetrators for what they are.

8.  Just as the other side has every right to highlight what they believe.

9.  In the coming weeks and months as we launch our website we will expose those individuals and organisations making false allegations in public against the victims in this case and in the process putting the victims on an even playing field in these matters once and for all and highlighting the victims case in these matters.

10. There are two sides to every story and you haven't heard the victims yet in this case.


This email is not intended to be critical of FACT or its aims as I believe anyone who has been falsely accused by others should be exposed and prosecuted in a Court of Law. I recognise that in some cases this may be the case but FACT should also recognise that there are victims/survivors who were abused by individuals.

David Whelan

FBGA (Former Boys and Girls Abused) in Quarriers Homes.

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