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Letter from David Whelan to Robin Wilson, Chairman Quarriers Charity, 01/09/2004

From: David Whelan
To: Mr Robin Wilson
Date: 01/09/2004

Dear Mr Wilson

I wrote to you on the 2nd of June 2004 outlining a number of issues in relation to the Former Boys and Girls Association.

You replied back to us on the 29th June 2004 and suggested that we pursue our issues through the current route in relation to the FBGA.

This we have done including registering as members and trying to resolve the issues through the routes as suggested by you.

The Current FBGA Committee Members have not acted in good faith and not reciprocated in kind our wishes to resolve these outstanding issues in relation to Former Boys and Girls in a proper manner.

  1. They have not responded to a letter sent on the 27th July 2004 and various E-mails re these outstanding issues.
  2. To date they have failed to sent any Accounts or Agenda to any one registered through INCAS re the AGM and as stated within the 14day period allowed for by the constitution of the FBGA the AGM is scheduled for the 11th of September 2004.
  3. Most disturbing of all is that they cannot or will not give assurances re the safety of anyone on Quarriers property and in particular those who are registered through INCAS and who wish to attend the AGM.
  4. We have on several occasions invited the FBGA Committee members to meet with us as representatives of these former Boys and Girls to resolve all outstanding issues for the benefit of all the Former Boys and Girls. To no avail.
  5. >They have informed us and the media of one thing only for another thing to happen re Mrs H Porteous.
  6. They fail to understand that there has been intimidation of witnesses after the trial of Mr Porteous and Mr Wilson committed by past and present members of the FBGA and this is but one of the reasons why individuals are registering through INCAS.

The fact is that the treasurer of the FBGA was and still is Mrs Porteous and she still administers cottage 8 right up to the AGM 11th September 2004.

So making it impossible for any of us to book a room, or write in confidence via cottage 8 and use the normal channels. This was even after the members that we represent having being informed that she no longer worked there or was part of the FBGA and putting me in an compromising situation when I called cottage 8. Quarriers and you were made aware of this situation by me. This is unacceptable behaviour on the part of the FBGA Chairman Walter Smith and could have been avoided if we had been informed accurately as to Mrs Porteous position.

We would have been prepared to wait till after the AGM for the FBGA to put its house in order if they had informed us they had difficulties and I could have conveyed that back to the members I represent, but no they failed to engage properly.

I feel I have done every thing personally to resolve these issues with the FBGA and the responsibility invested in me by the former boys and girls who I was asked to represent.

I have tried to understand the difficulties on both sides but it takes both sides to face up to their responsibilities. We have put forward suggestions as to how to move this situation forward for the benefit of all the former boys and girls.

Some of these former boys and girls would wish to come back into the Quarriers family and re-engage and still do. I tried to also do this without confrontation on the part of any of the individuals, I was asked to represent as some wished to return last year and confront the FBGA and the issues head on. I did not support this plan of action and this was why I became involved.

Quarriers of today should consider taking back the administration and management of cottage 8 and this needs to be solely for the use of former boys and girls and no other organisations this would enable Quarriers to provide a safe haven for these former boys and girls involved in these court cases who would wish to return and everyone else. I and INCAS would fully support the Quarriers of today on this issue.

If Quarriers were to consider and implement this we would say that this was indeed a practical step to helping the victims involved in these cases by the Quarriers of to-day.

This would also not allow any group or individuals to act with out regard to the Quarriers of today.

I feel that no further involvement is necessary by myself until the present FBGA Committee turns away from its nepotism of the past and takes this opportunity to reform for the better good of all the former boys and girls who they claim to represent. The FBGA needs to move with the times and the situations we all find ourselves in.

Slow is one thing but obstructive is another thing.

Yours Sincerely

David Whelan


One of the main reasons why we were asking for assurances for those wishing to attend any Association AGM on Quarriers property and involved in the Court Cases, was that individuals who were members had informed us they had raised concerns and issues at the 2003 AGM of the Association in relation to these matters and were subject to verbal abuse and intimidated at this meeting. The Chief Executive of Quarriers was informed of this as this occurred on Quarriers property!

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