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Message from David Whelan, 29/04/07, responding to Sandy Cameron's posting, both of which were deleted from the Warriors website along with others messages posted.

Wolfries1 - 29th April 2007 - Warriors Website

Hi Sandy

The past Association have not dealt or lent support or help to any individual that I am aware of with regards the needs of those whose experiences were not what they should have been in Quarriers to-date: and others who have found themselves in difficulty.

For the record Harry Aitken was not representing our interests at the last Association meeting I made that clear in writing to the secretary prior to that meeting.

Harry previously approached to see if he could help resolve any issues. We sanctioned that and gave him a free mandate within a reasonable time frame to help resolve all the issues through Shelia Logan and the Association Committee.

Harry informed us that he did not receive a reply to his or our letter via him. This letter set out our position clearly and is posted on our website. I call it rebuffed others can call it what they like.

That was the end of Harry's involvement on our behalf and we informed Harry of that position at the time.

Prior to this I attempted over a number of years on numerous occasions to resolve the issues with the Association committee for the betterment of all not just a few.

Who else in my position would have done so including allowing Harry to represent those interests when others did not wish him to do so. How many times do you think it is reasonable to attempt to resolve the issues and matters?

There needs to be a will on both sides and if not there comes a time when a decision has to be made. This is what we have come to.

With regards what is claimed with regards how the past Association evolved we have serious concerns and issues and believe it has to fundamentally reform including its constitution if it is to truly represent all former boys and girls as it has claimed in the past including calling its self the “Official” former boys and girls Association.

Which according to Quarriers Charity it is NOT!

There were issues concerning non-availability of accounts when members requested them including me which was supposed to be given to members as per constitution 14 days prior to AGM.

We only received them after numerous requests and having to complain to the Association committee and secretary Ken Maskrey. Well after the 14 days.

You express why you believe the original Association was set up. We take a different view and yes individuals and members have been involved in criminality including concerning the abuse of children and other matters, the recent court cases are testimony to that as are the police investigations as are other testimonies from former children.

I never hi-jacked any name I legally own FBGA and the group of companies associated with it and if anyone disputes that then again the are clearly ill-informed.

The past Association members and committee misused cottage 8 that is why Quarriers took it back. Quarriers had paid all the bills according to Quarriers in documentation I received and would have continued to do so until they repossessed it.

The Association had it in perpetuity (I hope I have spelt it right). The repossession and the misuse are inextricably linked.

Former children are claiming that funds given by them have been misused as the past Association did not pay any bills.

Why are no accounts past or present shown on the Association website. Accounts compiled by an accountant as claimed by the secretary Ken Maskrey should be in the public domain especially when you are taking money from individuals you have to account for it.

There are many question marks over this Association which clearly need addressing.

We cannot recommend to anyone to recognise it in any shape or form until it reforms fundamentally and is open and transparent in all its dealings in future.

Of course in terms of diplomacy Quarriers had to give a reason.

I understand also there are also issues with Quarriers as do others including that they took back a property given to the former boys and girls through the Association.

The question is why, if they have a turnover of millions?

I have tried to defend, help and support those former boys and girls less able to do it and I have tried this through difficult circumstances and hurdles.

I have not deliberately set out to offend anyone on this website including Maggie.

Sandy, if you think my postings are inappropriate, ill-advised or ill-informed, then you are well within your rights to delete all of them. We have a right to express an opinion which incidentally is based on fact and evidence.

David Whelan


We say to Sandy Cameron and everyone.

We in FBGA will continue to highlight the issues as we see them. If any individual group purports and claims to represent former boys and girls in any shape or form we intend to hold it fully accountable.

Let those who wish to represent all former boys and girls be fully open and transparent in all there dealings including committee meetings and all financial aspects and represent all former boys and girls without any reservations or caveats and allow fully the freedom of speech.

We will not be party to any cover-up of the Quarriers Homes abuse issues and those who perpetrated such crimes or those who were responsible for the Quarriers Homes organisation and claim they were unaware of such abuses taking place during their tenure.

We will not stand idly by and allow others who are at the heart of these issues to continue to misrepresent these historical abuse issues concerning Quarriers Homes.

To do so is to condone what has taken place and possibly condemn another generation of vulnerable children and adults to possible abuse in-care.

We continue to call for a Full Judicial Inquiry into Quarriers Homes!


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