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Scotland Awake!

Now is the Time

We read daily in our newspapers of yet another name being added to the many who are being falsely accused of Historic Abuse Charges, among them my husband, father to children, grandfather to many and close friend of very many people.

It is time for investigations to take place as to the 'Trawling' by police both local and national amongst the many people brought up in care homes. Many of these people have been in touch with myself and others as to why the police "keep coming to their door" to ask about carers.

It is very wrong that all people brought up in care should be 'tarred with the same brush' as it is only a minority that may have been abused.

Thirty five years after an abuse is supposed to have taken place is far too long a period of time. How is anyone's memory supposed to serve them correctly after such a time?

Quarrier's Homes seems to be the target for the media at the moment. I lived there as a child and have very happy memories of my childhood days there. My husband lived there as a child, also having happy memories. Both my husband and myself worked for Quarriers for many years, again holding great and happy memories of looking after the children there only for us both to be accused of abuse. I was acquitted, but my husband is serving a prison sentence in Peterhead Prison for something he did not do.

It always interests me to read in FACTION that England and Wales are strongly represented in their fight against these injustices, and yet Scotland has no one that will take any interest in fighting for the accused.

Now is the time for Scotland to act on this and start caring for the carers instead of allowing this minority to be 'taken in' who immediately they hear the words 'sexualabuse' mentioned, convict a person before he or she has even been tried!

Helen Porteous


FACTion website May 2004

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