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Extracts from Quarrier’s Homes Annual Report 1981 – 1982

The Homes Church

Chaplain: Rev R A Montgomery
Vestry Committee: Dr JR Minto, Mr Wm Dunbar, Mr J Mortimer, Mr J Brown, Mr S Miller, Mr C McElhatton, Mr G Roy, Mr J Lightbody, Mr J Porteous
Organist: Mr David Wakeford (till June, ’82) Mr Albert Peterson
Church Officer: Mr. John Porteous


Quarriers Village Council

Chairman: Mr J Porteous
Vice Chairman: Mrs A Todd
Ex Officio Secretary: Mrs A Blair
Committee Members: Mrs C Hill, Mr F McCarroll, Mr P Guest, Mr K Whitty, Mr D Harris, Mr J Mortimer, Mr H Munro, Mr W Dunbar

The Village Council was formed to promote the integration of our residents and our new residents in the Village. We are not a Community Council, but deal solely with what is happening in our Village. We arrange social outings, have helped parents form their own group in organising a games night for all the children of the Village. The games night is proving very popular.

Last year we organised a "Duck Race" followed by a Coffee Evening and we are hoping that we may run this event again later in the year. We have had outings to the Edinburgh Tattoo, have had a "Scots Night" all of which have been very successful.

Any problems that our new residents have the Village Council are only too pleased to assist in ironing out as the Council acts as an intermediary Committee, which can ask Mr Mortimer to speak on our behalf to the Quarrier's Board of Management, who in turn are prompt with the information we require.


Quarrier’s Homes Former Boys’ and Girls’ Association

During the year 1981-82 we have had many visitors from abroad, who have been most welcome, and some of them we had staying with us in Cottage 18’s flat.

It has been a very busy year for the ‘Committee’, and we are very grateful to all who gave us their support both financially and physically during the past year.

We would like to hear from you, and of course you are always welcome to visit us. Sheila Patterson in Cottage 8 offers hospitality second to none to all former Boys and Girls, her children make all visitors most welcome.

We are very grateful to the management of Quarrier’s Homes for their continued support for our Association, with a special mention to Mr. Mortimer, Director of Child Care, we the Committee thank him for our meetings during the very bad winter spell that we had, and we were unable to use Cottage 18. Thank you Mr. Mortimer from all of us.

My personal thanks to our Chairman, John Porteous. John retires this year from ‘Office’ after 5 years. He has been a help to all of us and keeps things going smoothly at all our meetings.

Thanksgiving Day, September 11th 1982.

What a truly beautiful day it was, weather was perfect and the company was excellent.

After attending the church service at 2 p.m., we all met together at the Central Hall for our Annual General Meeting and had coffee and tea with home baking (Thanks to the Committee). We were delighted that our Honorary President, Dr. Davidson, was with us from Australia.

We had a very successful Dinner Dance in the Gryffe Arms Hotel that evening. Everything went so well from the beginning of the day right through to the end.

We had 17 former boys and girls staying overnight in either Cottage 18 or 20.

I do hope to see you all again next Thanksgiving. Our new committee is as follow:-

Chairman: Walter Smith
Vice Chairman/Woman: Pearl Pettigrew (Allison)
Treasurer: Sheila Patterson (Logan)
Secretary: Alice Blair (Grant)
Committee members: Isobel McKenzie (Knox), Margaret McCulloch (McKee), Elsie Davidson, Margaret Linnie (Swanson), Hector Munro, Sandra Miller (Hunter), Kathleen Millar (McLeod).

Do keep in touch with us, don’t just wait until Thanksgiving, we do like to hear how you are all getting along.

Yours sincerely,
Alice Blair,
Secretary to the Association


This is the same year that John Porteous was first investigated by the Police for allegedly abusing a boy, Michael Lynn, after having been reported to Mr Joe Mortimer by some other cottage parents.

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