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Fond Memories!

By a Former Quarriers Homes Girl.

Hi Everyone

Helen Porteous has the breathtaking hypocrisy to question why anyone's memory is supposed to serve them after thirty odd years. May I inform her mine serves me very vividly after fifty years. For some reason her memory needs a good jog or has it gone beyond its sell-by-date for some reason known only to herself it quite suits her to remember what she likes and leave out the rest. Helen I would like to take a little trip down memory lane.

Starting from when you were adopted from mammas Bowman's cottage 11 when you were a baby, by Mr and Mrs Wilson and their son Sandy, who became the first couple to run a cottage for girls.

I always remember your brother behaving like a proper little snob never capable of any wrongdoing. Then when he became fourteen he was a proper naughty boy and was reported by a girl in the cottage for impropriety by a visitor who came to visit her.

Both your parents were challenged about the issue, who in turn denied that your brother would do such a dreadful act of indecency. This poor girls visitor betrayed her by not taking the matter further like many others.

If this had been dealt with in the proper manner in 1955 he would not have found himself in a "home" for Criminals. You only have to look at the damage he inflicted on children in his care for nineteen years, for the satisfaction of his own warped and depraved mind. The simple reason why Mummy and Daddy Wilson would rather believe their wicked twisted son before listening to an innocent child entrusted to their care. It was common knowledge in Quarriers Homes the children in-care were constantly told you're LIARS and the word truth did not exist in our vocabulary and for this reason abuse flourished on a wide scale by staff.

Helen you speak many times about the tremendous support from your many friends may I ask who needs enemies when you're got your kind of friends.

I refer to your bosom buddies Mary Linton and Annette Clarke both whom reported your Mother and Father for alleged abuse to the police. Mary Linton can still show people the mark on her body allegedly inflicted on her by your Mother, Mrs Wilson.

Shelia Paterson a former house mother who reported your Husband also to Quarriers management and the police after children informed her of his impropriety that he allegedly abused them while in the Boys Brigade.

Mrs Isobelle Valente, another house mother who also reported your husband to Mr Joe Mortimer for allegedly abusing Michael Lynn.

Michael like so many others who reported this abuse to the management and the house parents he was removed from Quarriers and sent to Lendrickmuir.

Perhaps it's the memories of Mr Mortimer and all the others which have failed them as they claimed in Court that they personally were not aware of any abuse in Quarriers yet some children's files say differently and include police reports in these files.

Whose memory is it that fails to recall these events!

Fond Memories by a Former Girl, Elizabeth Millar.

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