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PDF Document Notes from a meeting between FBGA and other victims-survivors and Scottish Government Ministers to highlight the case for implementation of the InterAction Summary Plan, 13/08/14 (PDF format).

PDF Document The Scottish Independent Advocacy Alliance magazine. On page 8 is an article submitted by FBGA about why independent advocacy is so important for Scottish historical abuse victims-survivors to realise their individual rights (PDF format).

PDF Document FBGA Spring 2014 newsletter with all the most recent developments and news (PDF format).

PDF Document FBGA newsletter, 14/01/13 (PDF format). Html version here.

FBGA have joined with other former residents, care professionals, academics and others in establishing the Care Leavers Voice which meets in the UK Parliament and is chaired by John Hemming MP. The objective of Care Leavers Voice is to improve the care system by giving care leavers a voice to inform and influence policy. The group's members are UK wide. You can find the Care Leavers Voice website here.

PDF Document FBGA's submission to SACRO (safeguarding Communities - Reducing Offending) concerning their consultation regarding a Restorative Justice model for Scottish historical victim-survivors, December 2012 (PDF format).

PDF Document FBGA submission to the Leveson Inquiry, 16/05/12 (PDF format).

Full Taalk radio show broadcast from USA, FBGA would like to thank Diane Cranley and all at Taalk for all there support.

FBGA invited to take part in a worldwide Taalk radio show broadcast from the United States on the 30th April 2011. Here is the link to listen to FBGA's segment.

PDF Document FBGA Winter 2011 newsletter with updates on developments concerning FBGA and Scottish historical abuse issues. Duncan Wilson, Scottish Human Rights Commission, will be making a presentation to the Scottish Petitions Commission on the 29th November 2011, which can be viewed on the Scottish Parliament website. FBGA would like to extend our thanks to the SHRC for their continued interest in these issues, 01/11/11 (PDF format).

PDF Document FBGA's detailed response dated 6th September 2011 to the letter sent to the Petitions committee by INCAS in June 2011. This concerns the following, Timebar, Irish Model, TTBH, Restorative Justice-SACRO, Quarriers and FBGA's current position in these important matters (PDF format).

PDF Document FBGA Press Release concerning the Scottish Government's current management of the Historical Abuse survivor processes, 26/11/10. (PDF format here).

PDF Document FBGA press statement which will be appearing in the UK Parliament magazine, Scottish devolved Government supplement, 1st March 2010, available in the Scottish Parliament. FBGA call upon the Scottish Government and the Parliamentarians to implement in full the Scottish Human Rights Commission's recommendation's and findings forthwith in relation to the historical abuse matters concerning Scotland (PDF format).

FBGA would like to thank the House of Commons for providing the group with the opportunity to highlight our issues in The House, the parliamentary weekly magazine, No 1325, Vol 35, December 7, 2009, page 7. The article can also be found here.

PDF Document FBGA have chosen the Big Issue magazine, a charity dedicated to promoting practical solutions to help vulnerable adults and others who's voices are the least heard in today's society, for its 1st UK wide press release, 23/11/2009 (PDF version here ).

PDF Document FBGA's contribution with regard to the "Acknowledgement and Accountability" consultation, submitted to the Scottish Government on the 13th January 2009. FBGA would like to thank everyone in the group who contributed to this proposal document and we look forward to viewing all the other contributions from all the other interested parties and individuals. FBGA (PDF format).

FBGA Press Release 13/01/2009.

PDF Document The relevancy of the Quarriers (IF) abuse occurred and what Quarriers solicitors stated in Court 10th October 2006 (PDF format).

PDF Document Jack McConnell's apology in 2004 in the Scottish Parliament: what did it mean in Law? (PDF format).

Two case studies highlighting historical abuse issues in relation to the criminal justice proccess and how those will impact in a proposed forum, FBGA, 19/10/09.

PDF Document Two case studies highlighting historical abuse issues in relation to the criminal justice proccess and how those will impact in a proposed forum, FBGA, 19/10/09 (PDF format).

PDF Document FBGA Press Statement concerning Marion Scott at the Scottish Sunday Mail and Mr Chris Daly, with regard to the article dated 15th March 2009 concerning abuse charity Open Secret and other matters. This statement, which FBGA believe to be factually honest, open and transparent with regard to these issues and the matters raised by others, including Mr Daly. FBGA, 27/03/09 (PDF format).

PDF Document Statement concerning FBGA and its representatives regarding past and current issues concerning the FBGA group and its representatives. The FBGA group feel this update is appropriate at this time to set the record straight and follows a recent demand to remove FBGA articles concerning Chris Daly, formerly of INCAS, and a National Reference Group representative 24/07/09 (PDF format).

PDF Document Following on from recent events and the false and malicious allegations made against the FBGA group and its founders, FBGA are asking the question, Do FBGA as a group have a "right" to highlight and raise legitimate issues in a transparent manner concerning so called Survivors? FBGA believe they do and must do to protect the FBGA group’s honesty and integrity (PDF format).

PDF Document FBGA's forthright response to the false and malicious allegations concerning its founding members and the Scottish official confirming that the false claims and allegations concerning FBGA did not occur and were inaccurate and simply untruthful (PDF format).

PDF Document The false and malicious allegations concerning two founding member of FBGA, being passed around while the Subgroup was in progress. Our sincere thanks to the individual who brought this to the group's attention (PDF format).

FBGA are pleased to announce that they attended the Miscarriages of Justice conference held in Glasgow, City Chambers 21-22 April 2008. Further updates to be announced.

PDF Document Nazareth House victims lose appeal in the House of Lords full text, 21/05/2008 (PDF format).

Nazareth House victims lose appeal in the House of Lords House of Lords web site, Session 2007-08.

PDF Document Right to a fair trial and hearing, European Human Rights, Article 6 (PDF format).

Update to all members to keep you informed about recent events concerning FBGA, 14/03/07

PDF Document Email to Chris Millar from the Strathclyde Police 11/02/07, confirming that they will not investigate abuse complaints with regards to Quarriers Homes (PDF format).

Statement of December 2007 by FBGA regarding the Truth and Reconciliation Commission proposed by Lord Clyde, Professor Marshall and Bronwen Cohen in The Herald.

PDF Document Scottish Bishops' letter to Cumberlege Commission, 02/11/2006. Scottish Bishops deny that widespread sexual abuse took place in Scottish Catholic administered institutions and continue to question whether any physical abuse occured in religious run instititutions North of the Border (PDF format).

PDF Document Report of Independent Commission into Child Abuse in Ireland, 2006 (PDF format).

PDF Document English Law Commission No 270 "Limitation of Actions". See pages 65-75 on the recommendations for law to be extended on Time-bar (PDF format).

Dumfries and Galloway Council is considering creating a special post to help house convicted sex offenders, August 2007.

Effie Climibie, another former care worker of Quarriers Homes, is convicted.

Nazareth House three fail in their appeal.

Another ex-employee of Quarriers found guilty of abusing children.

Media Statements made by Quarriers.

Heather Porteous contacts victim & accuses the police of offering victims money.

Quarriers propose a conference into "Historical Abuse" issues. Another broken promise by Quarriers. The FBGA is disappointed that Quarriers did not see fit to hold the Historical Abuse Conference that they eagerly announced in front of the Culture Minister Tessa Jowell and the Media in Bath.

Victims call for former directors of Quarriers Homes to be charged: Full recording of Colin Adams interview with David Whelan.

Two emails in support of the call for a full public inquiry into Quarriers: from Harry Aitken.

Former Quarriers' children attack the hypocrisy of the Save the Church Committee.

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