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Latest News

FBGA are pleased to announce that David Whelan's remarkable story and account of life in care "No More Silence" was published by Harper Collins in November 2010. You can browse selected chapters of the book, which is also available in a Kindle Edition and was serialised in the Scottish Sunday Mail.

MARION SCOTT and JIM MCBETH are a husband and wife team. They are helping David write his story. Marion is an award-winning journalist who works for Scotland's biggest selling national Sunday newspaper, the Sunday Mail. As well as winning accolades for her campaigning work on child abuse issues and miscarriages of justice, she has won the Campaigning Journalist of the Year award. Jim has been writing for national newspapers for 43 years. He currently works for the Daily Mail. He has also contributed to a number of national television and BBC radio documentaries.

Scottish Sunday Mail interview David Whelan at Quarriers village for "No More Silence", 19/11/10.

PDF Document Peter Garsden, President of Child Abuse Lawyers Association, reviews No More Silence (PDF format).

NEW! FBGA are pleased to announce that recommendations and proposals for financial compensation/redress for in care victims/survivors of historical abuse have been submitted to the Scottish Government for consideration following a consultation, Celcis website, 06/09/18. Reports and updates here.

NEW! Link to Quarriers updated website regarding their plans for Nittingshill Cemetery, 28/08/18. FBGA would be grateful if you could share this information with any former residents.

NEW! Call for financial compensation for victims of abuse in care, ITV News, 06/09/18.

National Confidential Forum 18th July 2018 update.

Shine a light on care campaign launched. If you spent time in care as a child, then the National Confidential Forum would like to hear from you. The Forum has launched a campaign urging people to get in touch and share their experiences. The campaign aims to reflect the thoughts and opinions of care experienced people by listening and understanding their experiences and giving people a voice. Ultimately the Forum wants to change things for the better.

The Forum listens to and acknowledges people's childhood experiences of institutional care in Scotland, and what they are told will form part of a historical record being created about how children experienced care in Scotland's past. It will also inform any recommendations they make about how care for children and young people can be improved. The campaign was developed with support of care experienced people.

The Forum wants more people to talk to them and acknowledges that it can be an extremely difficult decision for people to share their experiences. They provide a fully supported process and their team is trained to help people make the right decision for them. We would urge others to think about sharing their experience of care. It could make a difference.

The campaign will run on STV and STV player.

July 2018 update on financial compensation/redress for victims/survivors of childhood abuse in Scotland and the InterAction Review Group follow-up work relating to it.

CELCIS (The Centre for excellence for looked after children in Scotland) are pleased to say they had a very strong response to their questionnare. They received 179 responses from individual survivors and 2 from victims/survivors organisations and are extremely grateful to everyone who took part.

The InterAction action plan review group met on the 25th of June 2018 and are now in the final stages of the consultation and engagement on a potential financial compensation/redress scheme for victims/survivors of abuse in care. They expect to publish reports and submit recommendations to the Deputy First Minister later this autumn as follows:
  • Findings and analysis of the consultation with victims/survivors of abuse in care.
  • Executive summary of the consultation with victims/survivors of abuse in care.
  • A set of recommendations based on work to date and the information gathered from the victim/survivor consultation.
  • A descriptive summary of relevant international evidence on financial compensation/redress schemes elsewhere.
  • A high level summary of the perspectives of child care service providers and other professional groups on a potential financial compensation/redress scheme.
What is meant by 'redress'?

Redress is to set right or remedy a wrong or harm. Redress and remedy in the context of historical abuse can take a range of forms such as apology, provision of services such as counselling or health services, or a monetary/financial payment.

Reparation is to make amends for a wrong one has done, by providing payment or other assistance to those who have been wronged.

Monetary or financial redress is a payment under redress that provides a tangible recognition of the seriousness of the hurt and injury suffered by a survivor. To avoid any confusion, the term financial redress is the term agreed by the Scottish Government and is described as "a tangible recognition of the harm done" (Deputy First Minister, Statement to Scottish Parliament, February 2017).

Read more about the Scottish Human Rights Commission InterAction.

An update from the Deputy First Minister.

Deputy First Minister, John Swinney, sent letters to the Education and Skills Committee of the Scottish Parliament to update them on progress on the financial redress consultation and engagement.

PDF Document Read the letter of the 13th of February 2017.

Read the letter of the 23rd of February 2017.

Read the letter of the 12th of February 2018.

CELCIS web page about the consultation and engagement on potential financial compensation/redress for survivors of abuse in care.

PDF Document Childhood Sexual Abuse. 'It never stops shaping you': the legacy of child sexual abuse and how to survive it. Child sexual abuse is frighteningly common and hugely damaging. But a new project is collecting survivors' stories – and revealing what is needed to heal. Gaby Hinsliff, the Guardian, 28/06/2018 (PDF format).

Quarriers is currently planning some changes to Nittingshill Cemetery in Quarrier's Village. Quarriers have contacted FBGA and others and asked for comments and views about these plans. They would be very grateful if you could share this with anyone with a connection to those buried in Nittingshill Cemetery and former residents of Quarrier's Village.


Quarriers Village was established in 1878 and is made up of three farms on land near Bridge of Weir. By 1888, some 19 Homes known as Cottages had been built. Mount Zion Church and Nittingshill Cemetery were opened on 6 March 1888, some ten years after the establishment of Quarriers Village. You can read more about the church opening in the 1888 Narrative of Facts (page 11 on the PDF, numbered as page 19 in the document).

William Quarrier and many of his family are buried in the Cemetery along with, staff, families and those supported when the organisation was known as the Orphan Homes of Scotland and then Quarriers' Homes.

A plaque on the Cemetery wall names all children and adults who were cared for in the Orphan Homes of Scotland and who were laid to rest in this consecrated ground from 1888 until 1971.

Quarrier would like to make some changes and additions to Nittingshill Cemetery and are keen to hear from the descendants of those buried here and any former residents about their views of our proposals. We have been asked by some former residents to replace headstones for the children and have spent some considerable time trying to establish what may have served as a marker for each grave. It has been suggested that gravestones may have been in place and possibly removed. After significant research, we have not been able to substantiate this. We are keen to hear from the descendants of those buried here and any former residents who specifically remember or have photographs of what may have been there and in what time period.

Quarriers has a detailed register of those who are laid to rest in Nittingshill Cemetery. Not all children who passed away were buried at Nittingshill, as some families provided a resting place within their own family lairs. We have published a list of these names on our website along with age and year of burial if anyone wishes to check if their relative or ancestor is buried at Nittingshill Cemetery. is a useful resource. It is free to register and credits are required to view certificates.

We are keen to progress with some updates during the summer weather and plan to install plaques in memory of all those who lost their lives between 1878 and 1888 as well as from 1971 until 1998 when the last Cottage Home closed. In addition, we will also add section markers and signage to the areas where children are buried.

If you would like to share your views, please email by Monday 16 July 2018.

PDF Document Dear all, please find attached an FBGA paper recently submitted to the Scottish Government, SHRC, CELCIS and other members of the Interaction Group. The paper addresses a number of very important issues that have arisen around the financial redress consultation recently completed and currently being analyzed. These include issues relating to the wider victims/survivors community in general, how some of the redress and recognition matters might be prioritized and finally resolved, and considers the introduction an advance payment scheme in ahead of full redress (PDF format).

FBGA Statement: 24th April 2018.

FBGA believes it is possible to create an advance payments and compensation mechanism where it is appropriate and equitable to do so for both pre-1964 and post-1964 victims/survivors. Such payments would be made in advance of a completed determination of eligibility for a full redress scheme when specific criteria are met. This would take into account an individual's specific circumstances, including any life-threatening terminal illnesses or recognized critical illness of any kind and would include cases where an urgent redress recognition payment cannot be met by other currently available voluntary or statutory means mechanisms. FBGA continue to work constructively with our partners and the wider victims/survivor community on these important matters to seek equitable resolutions for all.

PDF Document Social work professor 'should be sacked' for defending convicted child abusers, by Peter Swindon, the Sunday Herald, 04/03/2018 (PDF format). Html link here.

PDF Document Mr Stuart Gale QC, representing the interests of David Whelan and the members of the FBGA at the Scottish Child Abuse Inquiry, has prepared the following note, which explains in layman's terms the recent decision by Lady Smith, the Chair of The Scottish Child Abuse Inquiry, concerning the standard of proof to be used when determining the facts, 04/02/18 (PDF format).

PDF Document Decision by Lady Smith, the Chair of the Scottish Child Abuse Inquiry, regarding standards of proof to be used when determining the facts, 25/01/18 (PDF format).

Quarriers 'sorry' for removing headstones at children's home, BBC Scotland, 26/01/18.

Nuns 'deeply sorry' for Smyllum orphanage abuse, by Chris Marshall, The Scotsman, 24/01/18.

PDF Document Decision by Lady Smith, the Chair of the Scottish Child Abuse Inquiry, on the application by the BBC to film the evidence of two witnesses in the Daughters of Charity case study, 19/01/18 (PDF format).

Smyllum resident wants church held responsible for abuse, BBC News, 23/01/18.

PDF Document Letter from FBGA to the Isle of Man Law Society thanking them for their donation, 19/01/18 (PDF format).

Dear all, just to let you know that we received a small donation from the Isle of Man Law Society to whom we would like to extend our sincere thanks. The donation will be used to fund our website updates this month. FBGA.

Care home nun admits slapping children on the hand, BBC News, 17/01/18.

Smyllum Park nun 'witnessed no cruelty' at orphanage, BBC News, 16/01/18.

Former residents defend Smyllum Park orphanage at Scottish Child Abuse Inquiry, BBC News, 12/01/18. A former resident of an orphanage at the centre of child abuse allegations has said the claims are "absolute rubbish". Another witness at the Scottish Child Abuse Inquiry said staff at Smyllum Park in Lanark "dedicated themselves" to the welfare of children.

The Australian Royal Commission into institutional responses to Child Sexual Abuse final report, 15/12/17. If the link won't work please copy the following url,, into your browser.

PDF Document Social Work Professor Mark Smith denies he is an "apologist" for child abusers, by Peter Swindon, the Sunday Herald, 26/11/2017 (PDF format). One campaign group, Former Boys and Girls Abused in Quarriers (FBGA), which supports survivors of abuse has described Smith as "an apologist for child abusers". Html link here.

PDF Document Concerns over Scots abuse mishandling probes as investigation into approach to victim's case 'stalls', by Martin Williams, the Glasgow Herald, 02/11/2017. Concerns have emerged that official investigations into historic child abuse cases in Scotland involving social workers are being kept on hold because of the Scottish child abuse inquiry (PDF format).

PDF Document Chief social worker: Child abuse was underestimated, by Graham Grant, Scottish Daily Mail, 01/11/2017 (PDF format). Scotland's former top social worker yesterday admitted he "vastly underestimated" the scale of abuse in children's homes. Professor Angus Skinner, who was also chief social work adviser to the previous Scottish Executive, said he had failed to appreciate the "duplicitous cover-up" of abuse by "evil" molesters. Html link here.

81-year-old ticking off his bucket list, BBC News, 23/10/17. Former resident of Quarriers Homes, Tommy Hagan, who alleges he was physically abused over many years in the care home, receives much needed support from Future Pathways and his local support agency to fulfill some childhood experiences he missed out on when in care.

The Quarriers sweethearts reunited after 50 years who are overcoming their childhood abuse with Future Pathways, the Daily Record, 15/09/17.

PDF Document How we are leaving our childhood hell behind with Future Pathways, the Daily Record, 18/09/17 (PDF format).

PDF Document More than 400 in care child abuse victims apply to £13.5m Scottish Government fund, Stephen Naysmith, the Glasgow Herald, 14/09/17 (PDF format).

Tommy's "journey to be heard" over care home abuse, BBC News, 13/09/17. After decades of being ignored Tommy Hagan is on a "journey to be heard" about the abuse he suffered in a care home from the age of three. Tommy, 81, has been speaking out about the shocking abuse he was subjected to for 13 years while in the care of Quarriers homes in Renfrewshire in the 1930s and 1940s.

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