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15th May 2012

Questions for the National Forum Consultation

1.     What is a National Confidential Forum and how will it work?

2.     How long will the NCF be operating for?

3.     Will I have anonymity protected in law during my participation in the Forum and afterwards concerning the NCF?

4.     What counselling and support services will be available, before, during and afterwards including for those who reside outside of Scotland?

5.     Will my testimony be mixed in with others from different care homes?

6.     Will I be able to identify my testimony in any report following any redaction process?

7.     Will any record be kept of my full testimony?

8.     What benefits and outcomes can I expect from my participation in the NCF?

9.     Will the Chair of the FORUM and the Scottish Government consider the final report of the forum and conduct an inquiry and investigation to identify any systemic failings by the State or the Institutions in their duties towards children in their past care.

10.How will the consultation responses be collated and by who?

11.What happens next?

12.Are you a former resident of the Scottish care system?



12.We think this needs to be asked ---as there may be many responses from many different parties. But one would hope and expect that the consultation reaches this primary group who will have a direct interest in the outcomes.

Kind regards

Jennie Bristow (Secretary)